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RUSH: James Carville on with Imus. James Carville out there, (imitating Carville) “Humanitarian crisis out there. It’s a humanitarian crisis brewing.” Now, we got the sound bite. He’s on Imus and he’s warning of unrest, there could be riots out there. But don’t misunderstand what the Ragin’ Cajun is saying. He’s not saying that people will be rioting ’cause of Obama. He’s not saying people will be rioting because they’re unhappy with Obama and the job situation. He’s really saying that they would be rioting in demand of another stimulus package. That that’s exactly right. Exactly right. Basically warning that there will be riots if we don’t have another stimulus, the same thing that Obama subtly suggested pushing for his first one. It’s what all these dire predictions are about, getting more stimulus money into their campaign coffers before 2012. That’s why the push for another stimulus, more slush fund money. Here is Carville, and this was yesterday morning, Imus in the Morning on the radio plus syndicated on the Fox Business Channel, and the question from Imus, “You all famously said when Bill Clinton ran it, ‘It’s the economy, stupid.’ It’s gonna be the same thing this time, isn’t it?”

CARVILLE: If 54,000 new jobs is the new standard it’s gonna be a very, very rough 2012 for President Obama. I can’t tell you what’s gonna happen but, yes, if this last jobs number is an indication of future jobs number, it’s gonna be very, very rough. People — if it continues we’re gonna see some civil unrest in this country. I hate to say that, but I think it’s eminently possible.

RUSH: Eminently possible if we continue, gonna see some civil unrest in this country, riots, if it continues. Now, using intelligence guided by experience, how would it not continue in their minds? We know that Obama’s policies are not gonna correct it. They’ve created the problem. So we’re not gonna have a fix. We’re not gonna have a great turnaround in unemployment trending downward. So this is Carville pushing for another stimulus.

From Money.com, a CNN subsidiary: “Don’t look to state and local governments to prop up the job market,” which, of course, is the entire premise of Obama’s stimulus. “To the contrary, this cash-strapped sector is set to go on a record-breaking layoff binge when the new fiscal year starts on July 1. State and local governments are forecast to shed up to 110,000 jobs in the third quarter, the first time the blood-letting has risen into the triple digits, according to IHS Global Insight. ‘We’re on a downward path,’ said Greg Daco, principal U.S. economist at IHS. ‘It’s not looking good.'”

Now, this, too, is just a blatant cry for another round of stimulus, and once again they’re trotting out this old need to keep teachers for the children, and we gotta keep the cops working and we gotta keep the firemen working, and, of course, the article studiously ignores the fact that teachers are laid off every summer anyway. The article also ignores the fact that reducing government spending helps the economy which you would think is a concept that the writers at Money.com might be able to figure out. But, look, don’t look to state and local governments to prop up the job market.

Well, now, wait a minute. That was the premise of the first stimulus. Remember the first stimulus, most of the money went to state and local governments. Why? Remember, folks, it’s a money laundering operation. It’s to make sure that state and local union workers remain employed because they pay union dues, and those dues end up in the Democrat Party, ergo, state and local governments are forecast to shed up to 110,000 jobs in the third quarter. Hundred and ten thousand jobs, nationwide state and local government, uh-oh, no more dues being collected from the unemployed, and that means no more money to the Democrat National Committee. Oh, no!

So I’m telling you this is a precursor to another round of stimulus. And here’s Carville out now talking about unrest and perhaps riots and so forth, which is another call for more stimulus, so forth. “State and local government employment has been a drag on the economy all year, averaging a loss of 23,000 jobs a month over the past three months. Meanwhile, the private sector has created an average of 180,000 a month during the same period.” Cutting government jobs means cutting government spending. And of course that can never be a drag on the economy, but they say that it is.

This is what’s offensive to me. Somehow cutting government jobs is a drag on the economy. It’s the opposite because it’s more money staying in the private sector. So just keep a sharp eye. You have been warned. You’re hearing it first here. All of this is a precursor for another stimulus. Remember, it’s worse than they thought. That ten years, decade of Bush, why, worse than we thought, and it’s gonna take longer than we thought, and we’re trending in the right direction, but we can’t afford to change horses midstream. And current stimulus money going to the states ends June the 30th.

By the way, let me ask you people a question. Now, very serious. We just shared with you this story about all these supposed job cuts. What do we have here? Forecast to lose 110,000 jobs, state and local government employment has been a drag on the economy. A loss of 23,000 jobs a month over the past three months. Let me ask you a question. It’s basically 75,000 jobs, roughly, 70,000 jobs been cut in the states last three months. How many of you have noticed significant reductions in service with the cuts to government jobs? Have you? No, I know you haven’t. You know why? Because there hasn’t been any news stories on it. There haven’t been any news stories about how fire departments weren’t there to respond to a fire. There hasn’t been any stories about how looting took place at the mall because the cops weren’t there to show up. There haven’t been any homeless stories, none of that stuff.

So all these state and local job layoffs, but no pain. So the media has screwed up. CBS Evening News, couple of days ago: “Chronic unemployment worse than Great Depression — The unemployed have, on average, remained unemployed longer than in the 1930s. … CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy reports that the chronically unemployed face the hardest road back to recovery, and that while the jobs picture may be improving statistically on a national level, it is not for them. Tinong Nwachan, for example, has far too much time on his hands. When CBS News met the former truck driver he had been out of work for two years. ‘I don’t really tell too many people this but I’m not ashamed or nothing, I’m homeless,’ Nwachan said.

“His day job is looking for work at a jobs center in Hollywood. He has plenty of company, including Fabian Lambrecht, who wonders when the economy’s improvement will affect them. ‘They’re saying there are more jobs. I’m just wondering where those jobs are,’ Lambrecht said. About 6.2 million Americans, 45.1 percent of all unemployed workers in this country, have been jobless for more than six months– a higher percentage than during the Great Depression.” And they try to tell us that we are in a recovery.


RUSH: We went back to the New York Times archives, ladies and gentlemen, to June 18, 2010. So almost a year ago. It’s interesting to go back and look at the archives — what Obama, the Democrats, the government were saying a year ago — and this headline (Michael Cooper is the writer of the story): “Obama Hopes ‘Recovery Summer’ Will Warm Voters to the Stimulus — The shovels are finally ready. But is anyone paying attention? With a flurry of stimulus construction work getting under way about 16 months after the $787 billion package was signed into law, the Obama [regime] has billed the coming season ‘Recovery Summer.’

“This week, the [regime] issued a report on the stepped-up pace of work, rolled out Vice President [Joe Bite Me] to brief reporters on its progress, and President Obama went to Columbus, Ohio, on Friday to laud the 10,000th stimulus-financed highway project. … Now that the long-promised ‘road work ahead’ is here, in big numbers, the question is whether voters will warm to the stimulus. The stakes for the [regime] and Democrats are high, with the midterm elections approaching and many voters, Tea Party supporters and otherwise, incensed about spending. Stimulus-financed construction is set to explode this summer,” this is last summer, folks, “10,700 highway projects should be underway next month, up from just 1,750 last July.

“States expect to weatherize 82,000 homes this summer — 27 times the number of homes that were weatherized last summer … But with the recovery uneven at best, getting anyone excited about that may be tough. Not to mention that for many Americans, this is shaping up as Oil Spill Summer. So it was perhaps unsurprising that Mr. [Bite Me]’s stimulus briefing seemed to make more news for his criticism of a Republican congressman who apologized to BP for the fund that the administration demanded of it, than it did for Mr. [Bite Me]’s talk of more roadwork. ‘The public’s attention span is quite limited,’ said Pete Ruane, the president of the American Road & Transportation Builders Association,” which is precisely why I’m reading this story to you: “The public’s attention span is quite limited.”

A year ago: 10,700 highway jobs! Recovery Summer will warm voters to the stimulus. Obama rolled it out, Biden was there, it was hunky-dory time. This is the “shovel-ready jobs” last summer, all ready to kick in. We were finally gonna attack all the unemployment and get started with our goal of 500,000 new jobs created every month. “The stimulus has been credited by many…” Again, I’m reading from last June, New York Times. “The stimulus has been credited by many economists with helping the economy grow again and with creating jobs,” what a bunch of idiots, “the Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan agency, estimated last month that it had created 1.2 million to 2.8 million jobs so far,” the stimulus had.

“But with the unemployment rate remaining stubbornly close to 10 percent … the stimulus continues to get mixed reviews in many public opinion polls. Hence the renewed public relations push. Visiting Columbus on Friday, Mr. Obama surrounded himself with workers in hard hats and safety vests and recited the litany of signs the White House has taken to mentioning lately as part of its effort to convince Americans that the economic recovery, aided by the stimulus, is helping to boost job growth.” That’s pretty much what he did last week at the auto plants. I mean, it’s all a show. Nothing’s happening, nothing’s changing, nothing is improving — except they’re all saying it is. Every time they go up and say something, it’s, “Yeah, we’re just now getting started.” Another long, hot summer. Go back to last summer and read what the regime was doing and saying and then compare it to where we are — and we’ve lost ground. We’ve lost ground. The unemployment situation is worse, American attitudes are worse and more depressed and negative — despite the best efforts of the New York Times to spin for the regime.


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