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A story worth noting in this week’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution – better known as the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation.

Farmers in Georgia are turning to an “unlikely” source in order to get the harvesting done – local people. Georgia recently enacted tougher immigration laws, which require employers to verify that their workforce is legal. In addition, police can check the immigration status of some suspects.

As a result, farmers say their usual labor pool is so frightened that it’s difficult to recruit migrant workers to fill the 3,000 seasonal openings statewide.

But with unemployment near ten percent in many areas, they’re finding local workers willing to work. Some workers are foreign born – but legal; others have lived locally all their lives. One farmer, Brent Brinkley, who aggressively courted local workers, says he “recruited just about everyone in a 30-mile radius who would work.” Not who could work, but who would work. As a result, his inexperienced crew is getting the job done.

But civil rights groups are – as usual – unhappy. They’ve filed a federal lawsuit claiming that Georgia’s immigration laws are unconstitutional, and could lead to racial profiling and unlawful search and seizures. But nothing they say can erase what has been learned. The notion that there are jobs Americans won’t do is a myth … designed to promote illegal immigration – which, in turn, is designed to promote a growing voter block for the Democrat party. Americans are desperate for jobs – especially in the Obama economy.

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