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RUSH: I want to go back to me, actually, last Thursday on this program when this Weiner stuff first raised its ugly head, erupted, or what have you. I remember that day I didn’t want to have to focus on this rotgut. I was dragged into it like I’m being dragged into it today. Where this guy is on issues is the problem with Tony Weiner. But, anyway, this is what I said last Thursday, just a reminder.

RUSH ARCHIVE: These people who seek to rule over us, who seek endless power over us — Weiner is part of this Democrat cabal that wants total authoritarian power over the people of this country. They are bullies and yet what do they do? They pose as wise, intelligent people, smarter than everybody else, so special. Like Geithner. We were told we had to put up with his cheating on his taxes ’cause he’s the only guy in Washington that could have shepherded us through the TARP business. A guy who’s never had a job in the real world, never had a job in the private sector, was the only guy capable of shepherding this country through this mess that was TARP and the financial crisis. But Weiner is just part of this crowd that we are told is better than us, more special than we are. We dare not even look at them in their presence! We don’t have that right, they are so elevated above us. So wise, so intelligent, beyond the people that they seek to control. But really what are they? They’re flesh and blood and they are flawed like everybody else. They are perhaps more deeply flawed than anybody else because they bring with them the baggage of hypocrisy. They’re no better than everybody else.

RUSH: No better than everybody else, but they seek to rule us. They seek to live our lives for us. Okay. So there’s my take on him last Thursday. Last night on the Charlie Rose Show on PBS, they had an exchange out there with Politico columnist Roger Simon and Mark Halperin from TIME Magazine about Weiner and the revelation that he was the one who sent the photo to a woman via Twitter and then lied to cover it up. Listen to these guys as you recall what I just said.

ROSE: I’ve asked Eliot Spitzer and he said there’s something about sort of the ego of being in politics, et cetera, et cetera.

SIMON: It’s the very intelligence of these men like Spitzer, like Weiner — how bright they are, how quick they are, uh, how successful they are — that gives them a sense of invulnerability, that nothing bad could really happen to them because nothing bad ever has.

HALPERIN: You won’t meet any smarter people in politics than those two guys. Just won’t.

RUSH: Spitzer and Weiner, Mark Halperin: “You won’t meet any smarter people in politics than those two guys.” I told my wife, I told her yesterday: “You wait and see how this is spun. Before it’s all said and done we’re gonna get stories about this is so typical of type A guys, powerful men who do great things. One woman’s not enough! They have to spread their seed all over the place, make sure that there are countless others that are born in their image. We’re gonna get stories about how this is an attribute, a personality attribute, a great characteristic. Just like in the mid-nineties how telling lies was actually helpful ’cause it spared people hurt feelings and all this.”

These people make me right so many times a week that I lose count. They’re so smart! They’re smarter than the rest of us. They are allowed to do this because they are so smart. They are a cut above — and here’s Mark Halperin saying you won’t find a couple of smarter guys than Spitzer and Weiner. Why…? Why in the world go talk to Spitzer about this in the first place? What’s Spitzer doing commenting on it? Yeah, in fact, folks, let’s put itthis way: This is what they want us to believe. “Weiner? Spitzer? Epitome of brilliance, intelligence that is a cut above!” So if some blithering idiot had done the same thing, I guess we would have to believe that it was a flash of brilliance to send a picture of yourself in your underwear via Twitter to some babe would have been a flash of brilliance — ’cause these are the smartest guys in politics you’ll ever find.


RUSH: Starting in Arlington, Virginia, this is Seth. Welcome, sir. Nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I’m looking at this and I’m seeing two adults exchanging — or actually seven if there’s six women, exchanging pictures in a consensual way. And I guess it’s none of my business, it was none of the reporter’s business, it was none of anyone else’s business. How is this different — I mean you’re talking about how smart everybody is, you tell us how smart you are every day, but how is this different than you going to, you know, this sexual tourist destination of Dominican Republic with a bottle of Viagra and having that splayed all over the headlines, how do you like that? Why is this different?

RUSH: Well, but what you describe about me isn’t true. And I guess what you’re suggesting here is that getting caught having sex affairs is only stupid when Republicans do it. You’re repeating Internet rumors based on hatred and misinformation and typical brainlessness on the left. None of that which you described took place whatsoever. But, you know what? Even if it had, it doesn’t change what Weiner did. And it doesn’t change the way Weiner has handled it, and it doesn’t change what Bill Clinton did, and it doesn’t change Bill Clinton lying under oath. It doesn’t change any of the reprobate activities that the Democrats and leaders of that party have engaged in. It doesn’t change a thing.

If you want to take refuge and if you want to seek comfort, if you want to try to excuse this depravity by believing BS and believing lies, and getting your jollies by calling here and repeating that stuff, you might as well have thrown in some of the quotes that I never said about slavery when trying to buy a part of the St. Louis Rams. But it’s people like you who present the rest of us with the greatest challenge we have in saving the country, because general glittering jewels of colossal ignorance like you and your hate-filled partisanship are primarily responsible. People just like you are primarily responsible for the precarious position this great nation finds itself in, because you can’t be counted on for genuine decent citizenship. You can’t be counted on to protect this country when it’s under assault internally. You seek your jollies in false victories over your political enemies while your country is in the process of going down in flames. It’s people like you who try to make excuses for reprobates like Weiner and Clinton and so forth while immersing yourself in lies to make yourself feel good that present a problem for the rest of us. I feel sorry for you. You’re probably capable of much more than you’re immersing yourself in.


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