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RUSH: Have you seen this? “CEO of General Motors is Pushing for Higher Gasoline Taxes — General Motors CEO Dan Akerson wants the federal gasoline tax boosted as much as $1-a-gallon to nudge consumers toward more fuel-efficient cars,” because they won’t buy them on their own. This is like the CEO for Kellogg’s asking for a tax on milk! It’s like whoever makes Jif Peanut Butter asking for a tax on jelly. Folks, this is insane. This is what happens when you remake the American economy using crony capitalism as the new foundation for the private sector. This is not capitalism. This is crony capitalism. You’ve got GM, through no fault of their own, taken over by Obama.

Obama’s got this dream of people driving around in these little whirlybird propeller cars that aren’t gonna take anybody anywhere, and nobody wants them. Look, I’m like anybody else in this country: I love General Motors. It pains me to say this stuff. The number of Volts that have been sold is in the two to 300 range and so now the CEO wants higher fuel taxes to force people to buy them? How about making cars people want? Whatever happened to that. But, see, this is what happened: Crony capitalism. So it’s like I said: Kellogg’s asking for an increased tax on milk makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? When they have crony capitalism as the new foundation for the private sector, you get a car manufacturer calling for an increase in the gas tax. It goes against the best interests of the company, the best interests of its employees and customers. But it’s making good on a deal with the devil that you had to make.


RUSH: It’s amazing. I wonder if the CEO of General Motors, Mr. Akerson, can speak when Obama is drinking a glass of water.


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