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“Since the advent of modern feminism women have been told that they can have it all: Hot husbands, lots of babies, high profile career, nice house, great bodies, all that stuff. And whenever a woman comes along and appears to have it all, they shoot her down. Especially when the woman happens to be a conservative.”

“For all of the stated Republican opposition to Sarah Palin, if she gets in the race — and you heard it here first — she will be the one to beat.”

“There’s a story in the stack today: Obama’s no longer cool with white kids on campus. White college guys don’t think Obama’s got it anymore. He’s not cool, and they don’t know why they thought he was in the first place.”

“Anybody who’s willing to be honest will tell you that the crowds that were drawn during the McCain campaign stops were due to Sarah Palin. And the energy that she brought to that campaign was unmistakable, and the attachment that Republican voters had to her was also unmistakable.”

“We sit here, we let the media destroy one of our candidates and we move on to somebody the media hasn’t destroyed? Somehow that just doesn’t sit well with me.”

“There is no single thing you can do to preserve your assets or everybody would be doing that one single thing. There’s mass confusion and a lot of insecurity out there.”

“No one in Congress or the regime bothered to consider what effect these Dodd-Frank reforms would have. To me this is unreal and a perfect example of why we’re in the fix that we are in.”

“With as much piling on of Sarah Palin as there has been on our side, if she gets in and if she wins, look at all of the people on our side who are by virtue of the way they’ve treated her up ’til now out of it. They will have no role.”

“I have never in my life seen the Democrat Party and its media operatives spend so much time destroying somebody who didn’t have a prayer anyway.”

“Do not believe anything you read or hear that Obama is unbeatable. He is a man further and further isolated from the mainstream of this country, and if there were a smidgen of mainstream media reporting along those lines, it would be over for him now.”

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