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RUSH: Here’s Dick Morris last night on The O’Reilly Factor, explaining how he invented the seminar caller. O’Reilly said, “When you were working in the Clinton White House, you had legions of liberals to go out and put on programs like this, did you not?”

MORRIS: Here’s why: One night Clinton called me about one in the morning and his mother-in-law, Hillary’s mom, had just driven from Pittsburgh to Washington, and en route had listened on the radio to a guy named Rush Limbaugh. She didn’t know who he was, and she told the president — told Hillary then told the president — “You know, he attacked you the whole trip.” So Clinton called me and said, “We’re getting clobbered on radio. We don’t have anybody to speak up for our point of view.” So I organized a speaker’s bureau in the Democratic National Committee to be able to put people out to get them on shows like yours, to push the administration line.

RUSH: There’s Dick Morris claiming that he invented and created the seminar caller last night with Bill O’Reilly. Clinton had no idea, didn’t know what was going on. He was a job creator. That’s right: A simple job creator, working hard to create jobs out there, seminar caller jobs paid for by the Democrat National Committee.


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