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RUSH: Apparently, folks, believing in one of the most preposterous hoaxes in the history of the planet — manmade global warming — is all that it takes to convince the State-Controlled Media that you are a “serious” candidate. We go back to last Friday, a week ago. Mitt Romney in Manchester, New Hampshire, announcing his candidacy; he was asked a question by someone in the audience, who has since called us, by the way. Question: “Nearly all the other candidates suggest that there’s no scientific consensus on climate change.” By the way, there can be no consensus in science. I’ll explain this again, if I must. Science is not up to a vote. There’s no majority in science. If you get five people and three of them think that the sun orbits around the Earth does not make it so even though there’s a “consensus.” In fact, the very notion of a “consensus” in science renders whatever you’re talking about to be unscientific and unrelated to science. It has no vote. There’s no democracy, there’s no consensus, and there’s no majority. Not in real science. So the guy goes on to say: “Will you, sir, state now that under a Romney regime global warming will be accepted as reality? And this reality will form the foundation for all climate and energy policy.”

ROMNEY: I believe the world is getting warmer. I can’t prove that, but I believe based on what I read that the world is getting warmer — and — and number two, I believe that humans contribute to that. I don’t know how much our contribution is to that ’cause I know there’s been — there have been periods of — of greater heat and — and warmth in the past, but I believe that we contribute to that, and so I think it’s important for us to reduce our emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases that may well be significant contributors to the climate change and the global warming that you’re seeing.

RUSH: Right. So the media was listening intently as I played the sound bite this week, Monday or Tuesday, and said, “Bye bye, nomination.” Remember that? I said, “Bye bye, nomination.” Well, the media has glommed on to that. They are thrilled. Listen.

BASHIR: If Romney stands by his view that the world is getting warmer and that man is an important contributor, then how will he fare when so many Republicans believe that global warming is, in the words of Rush Limbaugh, a “complete hoax”?

UYGUR: You’ve got 99.9% of the scientists in the world in one camp and Rush in the other camp. The Republican primary (snickering) is probably Limbaugh wins against all science and facts.

O’DONNELL: Rush Limbaugh saying, “Bye bye, nomination.”

ZIMMERMAN: Thanks to Rush Limbaugh, all of these Republican candidates are terrified of reaching out to mainstream voters.

MATTHEWS: Rush Limbaugh declared him bye bye ville. Nomination over! Manmade global warming is a hoax! It’s all Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH: It’s amazing how utterly uncurious these people are. The guy that had this “99.9% of scientists agree”? That’s purely untrue, bogus, and the guy that said that was Cenk Uygur. I don’t know what a “Cenk Uygur” is. I don’t know where a Cenk Uygur works. C e n k is how you pronounce it. I’m not sure I’m pronouncing the last name right. It’s U y g u r. I’m just guessing it’s Cenk Uygur. Hey, 99.9% of all statistics are made up! There aren’t 99.9% of all scientists. But, anyway, this sets up sound bites that are yet to come. Wait and hear from Jennifer Granholm and any number of people as well as Texas governor Rick Perry who is getting serious, apparently, about throwing his hat in the ring.


RUSH: You know, folks, belief in manmade global warming is a lot like believing in Santa Claus. It’s fun. It’s fun to believe in it for a while when you’re a kid, when you’re a child, but it’s a costly myth to continue believing in as you grow older — and it’s certainly not the kind of thing any serious political candidate ought to believe in. I continue to be struck by just how imprisoned the so-called informed and educated and smart people among us are. All the people in this sound bite montage that we just played? Some leftist somewhere one day said, “There’s global warming,” and there is. Don’t even question it. It just is. Don’t even challenge it as a journalist. You don’t even have any curiosity about it. Somebody comes along and asks, “Is it true,” and they’re an automatic crackpot oddball.

Now, notice: What do you have to do in order to earn the approval of people in the media who will eventually seek to destroy you? You have to adopt their causes, and it really helps you if you take a position opposite me. So now Mitt Romney — who, prior to this was the laughing stock to many in the media; Mitt Romney, just your typical Republican target. All of a sudden Mitt Romney comes out. “Oh, yeah! The Earth is getting warmer. No question about it. I don’t know, I don’t know, but we gotta do something about it.” I come by and say, “Bye bye, nomination,” and all of a sudden Romney is “serious,” simply because I said, “Bye bye, nomination,” and he has the right view to satisfy the left on this issue, which is nothing more than an issue to expand government raised taxes and to control people’s lives. So that’s what it takes to be loved by media eventually who will seek to destroy you. Hardball last night PMSNBC Matthew was talking to the former governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, and Matthew said: “What do you make of Mitt Romney? Grew up as a moderate Republican, partly out of Michigan, now being basically kicked out of the party by Rush Limbaugh.”

GRANHOLM: Rush Limbaugh… I am a Democrat, but I have too much respect for the party to say Rush Limbaugh speaks for all Republicans. Rush Limbaugh is in his game to make money and be controversial. I just think he’s a bloviator off to the right. I respect Romney for actually saying what the overwhelming body of science says, which is, of course, that human activity is contributing to climate change.

RUSH: “The overwhelming body of science” has been bought! “The overwhelming body of science” has been purchased. Everybody needs Cornflakes (or beer if you’re in Rio Linda, but everybody has to eat), and we know that fewer and fewer people actually know how to go out and work and earn a living. It’s much easier to siphon off grants and people are willing to pay you for a belief. They’re willing to reward you for producing a paper, even if it is based in junk science and a hoax. So all of a sudden now Mitt is top of the heap, numero uno, beau coup respect! Listen to F. Chuck Todd yesterday, MSNBC’s Daily Rundown.

F. CHUCK: Mitt Romney is more a front-runner than we in Washington sometimes want to believe. How strong is Romney as a front-runner?

HENDERSON: He’s much stronger, duhh — like you said — than we thought. He’s much stronger. He’s got a clear message.

RUSH: That was national political correspondent for the Washington Post Nia-Malika Henderson. So all of a sudden, “Romney’s much stronger. Ohhhhh, yeah! Oh, yeah!” One statement on global warming and one, “Bye bye, nomination” from me and now the Mittster has been launched to the top — and, of course, nothing about this is related to being right or accurate on policy at all. What a laugh it is for media types accuse me of only being in it for the money. What do I do? I challenge people’s only source of income is grant money for saying global warming is real. I’m only in it for the money. “You can’t listen to Limbaugh! He’s just a bloviator and he’s just in it for the money.” They go back and forth. One day I’m so serious and I’m so relevant and I’m the leader of the Republican Party. The next day I’m just a bloviating entertainer in it for the money — and literally I can be both multiple times a day. Let’s go back to our archives, September 7th of 2007, Indian Wells, California (Palm Springs essentially), California Republican Party Convention. Texas Governor Rick Perry.

PERRY: Since when did the field of science become the sole purview of left wing politicians? I don’t know about you, but I heard Al Gore talk about manmade global warming so much, I’m starting to think that his mouth may be the leading source of all this supposedly deadly carbon dioxide!

AUDIENCE: (applause and cheers)

PERRY: Almost every day there is another scientist that leaves the global warming bandwagon but you won’t read it in the mass media out there, because they’ve already invested in one side of that story. When politics hijacks science, it quells true scientific debate and you can have dire consequences for the future.

AUDIENCE: (applause and cheers)

RUSH: Exactly right. There is no consensus in science. There is no majority. There is no vote. This is absurd! You don’t arrive at what is scientifically true by taking a vote. Another portion of Governor Perry’s comments, again September 2007 Indian Wells, California.

PERRY: It’s a sad state of affairs when liberals campaign like Republicans to get elected and Republicans govern like liberals to be loved.

AUDIENCE: (applause and cheers)

PERRY: That’s a bad day. We need to hold the line on what it means to be a Republican. Being conservative! If you see a candidate who wants to tax like a Democrat, regulate like a Democrat, educate like a Democrat, they should not have the honor of having the name “Republican” bestowed upon ’em!

RUSH: Rick Perry speaking four years ago in California at the California Republican Party Convention.


RUSH: That is funny: I’m only in it for the money. Jennifer Granholm says I’m only in it for the money. Not, of course, like these “scientists” who can be bought off with a grant who come up with a point of view — a scientific view they claim is based totally and rooted totally — in science but is bought totally with money and grants through other people. (interruption) I don’t know what makes Granholm an expert. She has favored status. She is unique among Democrat women in one way, sort of: She’s telegenic on TV. They bring her in there. She was the Schwarzenegger of the left in the sense they said, “Aw, gee, wouldn’t it be nice if she could run for president? If our Constitution weren’t so restrictive, oh boy!”


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