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As the economy continues to stagnate – a popular liberal complaint is that businesses are “hoarding” their cash, instead of using it to hire people. But if you want to know why businesses are reluctant to hire – look no further than the continuing nightmare Boeing is caught up in.

This week, the company asked a judge in Seattle to throw out the lawsuit brought by Obama’s National Labor Relations Board. The NLRB accused Boeing of illegally deciding to open a non-union assembly line in South Carolina for its new 787 jetliner … in order to punish union workers for past strikes. The “remedy” – according to the NLRB – is to force Boeing to abandon its South Carolina plant and move its assembly work to Washington State – where Boeing will be subject to more union strikes and shakedowns.

At the hearing, Boeing’s attorney said the lawsuit has cast a shadow over the company – and made conducting business “very, very difficult.” He also pointed out that Boeing has added over 3,000 jobs in Washington – and no one has been injured by the plan to build an assembly plant in South Carolina.

Despite that – this case could drag on for years. Here we have a major job creator, trying to create jobs, that now has to defend itself from the anti-business, anti-capitalist union enforcers in the Obama Regime.

Democrats talk about economic growth and good paying jobs. But they are destroyers. And they’re relentless.

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