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“There’s uncertainty over what’s down the pike, but the devastating reality is that the policies we currently have — that this administration has put into place — are not conducive to growth.”

“The moderate RINO Republicans are why the Republican Party loses.”

“This whole notion that there is a right wing is a myth and the election in November of 2010 proved it. We are not a wing. We are the broad middle. We are the mainstream of this country.”

“Obama and the Democrats are so addicted to stimulus, they should follow Weiner into rehab.”

“I wonder if his name weren’t Weiner, would this scandal be half what it is?”

“You pour this tea over ice and you listen to it crackle. I’m tasting the diet raspberry, which I happen to love, and I slurped on purpose to make sure that you could hear it. If I sipped quietly you wouldn’t know that I had.”

“The redistribution of wealth does not cause wealth creation. This is plain old common sense.”

“I wish everybody could learn at age eight what they want to do in their life like I did.”

“Weren’t the failed policies of the past under Bush far better than the failed policies of today under Obama? I mean, for crying out loud, folks, let’s be real. The failed policies of the past, George W. Bush, okay, unemployment 5% versus 9.1% with Obama. A GDP that was three times what it is today. A deficit that was minuscule compared to Obama’s deficit.”

“We do not accept food stamps for Two If By Tea sales. Just FYI.”

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