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RUSH: Here’s Harry, Palm Harbor, Florida. Great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: How you doing? Hey, Rush, mega dittos. One of the things that concerns me right now is the very fact that our first primaries are held in the most liberal states of the country that happened to choose our candidate last time, and I think we — and they even — making things worse. They have open primaries where you can have liberal Democrats come in and vote for our candidate.

RUSH: That has been a problem in the past, yes, the Democrats have exploited that.

CALLER: Yes. So my thought is it’s time that we start pushing to have a national primary —

RUSH: It’s too late. That can’t happen this time. The rules are set. There’s no way, that would never happen. The rules, the primary rules, the order in which the primaries take place in the cauci, that’s already set, so even if you wanted to make changes you couldn’t for this cycle.

CALLER: Well, I know we’ve been pushing for Florida, for instance, to be able to have an earlier vote. Right now we have a guy that wants to aid the Democrats by perhaps taking away one of the few states that would actually vote for a conservative.

RUSH: Well, I don’t think in the Republican primary — clearly now we’re gonna have some moderates in there, and RINOs, and depending on how they team up as happened last time, you had Huckabee and McCain teaming up to wipe out Mitt. That happened in West Virginia, and that led to McCain getting the endorsement of Charlie Crist here in Florida. I know you’re worried about these kinds of things and I’m not trying to be Pollyannish and civics 101 and all that, but, look, we’re in an ascendancy here as conservatives. The Tea Party is loud; it’s prosperous; it’s growing. It’s not gonna be fooled by any of this. I think everything’s gonna be fine where our primary is concerned. At this point that’s not a concern for me. I got other concerns, you know what they are, but the primary schedule and all that, not at the top of my list right now.


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