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Last week American Electric Power, a huge utility company, dared to go public with some facts.They announced exactly how the EPA’s proposed new regulations under the Clean Air Act will affect their operations. The utility said it will have to close five coal plants in various states, spend billions of dollars retrofitting others, and lay off 600 workers. Not to mention dramatically raising electric rates for their customers – including businesses.

EPA administrator Lisa Jackson is furious. Testifying at a Senate hearing this week, she accused the company of lying. She said their analysis was “misleading at best,” and “scare tactics at worst.” She also accused energy industry lobbyists of spreading “doomsday” scenarios.

Who’s telling the truth – Ms. Jackson, or American Electric Power? Before you answer … consider that before he was elected, Obama made clear his disdain for coal-based utility companies. He promised he would make new coal-based plants so expensive – it would bankrupt the operators. He said under his energy plan electricity rates would “necessarily skyrocket” – something liberals applaud, as a way to cut consumption. Consider too the Obama Regime’s threats to use the EPA to implement policies that couldn’t pass the Senate under their “cap-and-trade” scheme.

Add it up – and Lisa Jackson’s credibility is worthless. As with all Obama appointees, the decline of the American economy isn’t what matters to her – implementing a job-killing, radically extreme agenda does. Because liberals … are liberals first.

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