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Many questions remain about “Operation Fast and Furious,” the secret ATF program that purchased and shipped thousands of illegal guns to Mexico. The stated rationale … was to trace the weapons in order to somehow break up drug cartels. But surprise, surprise – that’s not what happened. The guns were used in horrific crimes, and were likely involved in the murder of a U.S. Border patrol agent. Last week Republican Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, held a hearing – to try to get to the bottom of the mess. But he’s being stonewalled.

Nobody seems to be able to explain how this hare-brained operation passed the smell test. Senator Charles Grassley is suggesting the Justice Department – which oversees ATF – is involved in a cover-up.

Enter Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon. Speaking in California last week, Calderon accused the American gun industry of profiting from the “deaths of thousands of people.” He demanded that the U.S. reinstate the assault rifle ban. Conveniently, he ignored the responsibility of his own government. Since 2006, over 35,000 people have been murdered in Mexico’s drug wars, and not all by guns. Hangings, beheadings, torture, and mass graves are commonplace. Judges, cops, elected officials, and journalists are routinely murdered.

The “blame America’s Second Amendment” strategy isn’t new. Our own liberals use it endlessly. But, Mr. Calderon – coming to U.S. soil and slamming our Founding principles isn’t going to solve Mexico’s problems. For that, Seor – you need to look at root causes: widespread corruption and graft. Can you hear me, Eric Holder?

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