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RUSH: Ken in Detroit. Thank you for waiting, sir. I really appreciate it. How are you?

CALLER: Doing great, Rush, and thanks for taking my call. Yeah, I just wanted to comment that John Boehner made a really big political mistake this past weekend playing golf with the President. When we conservatives went and voted the Republicans back into power back in November, we sent a strong message that we wanted them to be a clear opposition to the President and the Democrats. We don’t want them to be drinking buddies. So I think that for Boehner to be going out and playing golf sends a bad message to the voters. Another thing is, also, our country is at war, Rush, and just as George Bush gave up golf —

RUSH: Yeah, yeah.

CALLER: — when he was president —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — I think that we should also take an example from that.

RUSH: I’ll tell you something: You have a point. I think one of the problems with Boehner playing — and I understand the lure. Boehner loves to play golf. I myself have played golf with Boehner. Boehner is a six handicap, six or seven. He’s a good golfer. I’m sure he would never admit this, but I’m sure that Boehner in part relished the opportunity to go out there and just shellac Obama on the golf course. But aside from that: The President calls you and says, “Let’s go play golf,” and you’re the Speaker of the House, it’s tough to say no because then the media is gonna rake you over the coals.

“Refusing to be civil! Refusing to get together with the president and solve the nation’s problems,” as though that’s gonna happen on the golf course. But I think it’s just a matter of respect, too. The President calls you to go play golf, you do it. Two problems: One is now you can’t criticize Obama for playing golf, ’cause Boehner did it, too. So if we start making jokes — this 13 weekends in a row he’s played golf! — the retort is, “Well, so did Boehner.” But the thing to me is, we’ve got people losing their jobs left and right. People’s homes are underwater. We have dire economic circumstances. We have wars in four different places around the globe.

If these guys are going to get together, do it in a place and under the auspices of actually working on these problems, rather than photo-ops playing golf, trying to show that everybody can get along — which only helps Obama. Showing that everybody can get along, that’s another premise they put forth that we somehow think we have to respond to, that people “not getting along” is our fault and our problem because of the way we are. This is the guy, Obama, who refused to meet with Boehner or any other Republican leader for the first year, maybe even longer. If you’re gonna get together, get together and read the Riot Act to this guy over what his policies are doing to the country. Now, maybe that happened on the golf course; I don’t know. (interruption)

Well, I know. The golf course is really not the place for that would happen, but you don’t know. I have no idea. What I… (interruption) It wouldn’t happen. Obama is not gonna invite me to play golf. It’s already been floated. Outside my auspices, against my wishes the second time. Somebody already tried to make it happen. (interruption) Yeah, and it’s that… (sigh) Gosh. (interruption) No. I’m not concerned about that, but if I… (interruption) No. No. No further. I’m not gonna lock my… (interruption) No. I don’t know what I would… (interruption) I’m not gonna respond to a hypothetical with another hypothetical answer. Snerdley’s badgering me here on the IFB. I know what you want. You want me to go say, “Go pound sand, Mr. Obama! I wouldn’t dare waste my time.” That’s what you want. (chuckling) Everybody wants me to go do their dirty work.


RUSH: Kathryn, Boca Raton, Florida, hi, and welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, and thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Congratulations, and I hope you do extremely well with your upstart company, business — and I’m sure you will, and I’m sure we’ll get some of your tea. But on a more serious note, as I said to the call screener, I am personally outraged by the golfing outing. I don’t know how many of your listeners… I’m sure you know, but what truly was even far worse than yesterday was the President of the United States played golf on Memorial Day. I am almost… My voice cracks when I hear that — and, in full disclosure, I come from a military family. I cannot believe that he could take a wreath to Arlington for a photo-op and play golf while our sons and daughters… Mine included. My father served in World War II, I’m just about your age. So my brother and my brother-in-law served in Vietnam, and I watched this fraud being played out in front of us. The absurdity, the outrage out here. I am so upset. I’ve had it now with Boehner, and I liked him. I’ve had it with Kasich, and I liked him. I thought he was one of the most outstanding governors — and the reason I liked him was, when he served in the Congress, he knew when to go home. I cannot believe —

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: Well, he knew when to go home! He knew when to go home. He knew, as our Founding Fathers put it, “We represent our district,” and as you know, we have a fine representative: Lieutenant Colonel Allen West from our district here in Boca Raton.

RUSH: That’s right.

CALLER: I’m telling you, people are outraged. This is beyond now — this is truly beyond — Democrat or Republican. This is about the —

RUSH: But Kathryn, do you not understand that our president needs a relief from the stressful —


RUSH: — situation of being president?

CALLER: No, because I don’t think he knows how to work.

RUSH: All the media experts are telling us he needs to do this in order to stay focused on his job.

CALLER: Well, I’m really sorry about that, but he’s not representing me or what our family has given to this country and loads and loads of other people that I know — and, like you said, people are trying to hold onto their houses. Fortunately both my husband and I are hardworking people — i.e., we do live in Boca — and we are conservative people. We are active in the Tea Party movement. I am very pro-life. What I liked about Sarah Palin so much was her vigorous defense for the Second Amendment of the United States.

RUSH: Right. Well, I’m gonna tell you: There are more people like you out there than you know who are silently seething over that photo-op on the golf course. You’re not alone on that. Don’t doubt me.


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