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RUSH: I want to clear this up. I erroneously stated that Jon Huntsman was pro-choice in a discussion about how the media, in proclaiming Republicans to be moderate, are going to tell us that people to the left of the mainstream of America are who moderates are, particularly Republican moderates. It is not an accident. I got screwed up here on misunderstanding a comment, some things that Rick Santorum said. Huntsman has been criticized for not signing an anti-abortion pledge, and that’s what I misunderstood. Huntsman said that he didn’t need to sign such a pledge, the Susan B. Anthony pledge. He didn’t need to sign it because he didn’t need to prove to anybody his commitment to pro-life. He’s a Mormon, he’s an Eagle Scout, so of course he is pro-life. He’s got a long pro-life record. He supports the right to life amendment. He signed three pro-life bills to help limit abortions in the state, and he’s refused to sign under the anti-abortion pledge. But not because he’s pro-choice. He thinks his record speaks for itself on that, and it does. So I wanted to clear that up and not have that be left hanging out there for anybody to further misunderstand.


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