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“I don’t think we have people willing to describe the Democrats as our enemy. Let me make something very clear: Barack Obama and his buds look at us as the enemy.”

“The Republican establishment in ’76 did not like Reagan, just like they don’t like conservatives of today. Even after Reagan was elected, a lot of them were not happy. Reagan was unabashedly conservative. He was unafraid to say that he was conservative. Mr. Huntsman doesn’t want to be called a conservative.”

“Ronaldus Magnus had no problem describing himself as a conservative. He did so proudly. He had no shame whatsoever in identifying himself that way.”

“I happen to think that a lot of independents relish calling themselves independents because the notion is that they’re not partisan, they’re open-minded, they discuss things and decide things issue by issue, they’re far, far more intelligent than these committed ideologues on the right or the left.”

“Practically every meaningful Obama position is opposed by a sizeable majority of the American people. Now, you would never know this listening to reporting of day-to-day events by the media, but I tell you, if the election were held tomorrow, Obama would lose in a landslide.”

“I get so fed up with being on defense, particularly where independent voters are concerned. Independents are perfectly fine with the country being destroyed.”

“The evolutionary cycle of this country is growth, power, and liberation for the oppressed all over the world. The evolutionary cycle of this country is greatness, and now we have people running for office acknowledging that for the first time in our history we are in decline. Well, you can’t just ho-hum that.”

“It is a mystery to me why any liberal can complain about the lousy job market. Why would you complain about that? You were given choices, and you chose. You were asked to choose between more energy and pristine arctic preserves, or oil from ANWR, and you chose pristine arctic preserves and no oil. So don’t complain about gasoline prices to me.”

“Both the Politico and the Huffing and Puffington Post are dusting off a preposterous, long-since-discredited rumor that Rick Perry is gay and that his wife is leaving him. These rumors are seven years old, and the Politico’s doing a story about the rumor be seven years old. And that’s the left wing civility that we’re supposed to emulate. Right.”

“The ugly know who they are. It’s one of these hard, cold, callous realities. It is a most unfortunate thing, but they do.”

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