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RUSH: This is kind of funny. This is this morning in Washington on Capitol Hill. House budget committee hearing on the federal budget, the national debt outlook. During the Q&A, the chairman, Paul Ryan, Republican, Wisconsin, is talking to the Congressional Budget Office director Douglas Elmendorf, and they had this exchange. Now, this is the chairman of the Congressional Budget Office, the director talking about Obama’s proposed budget framework.

RYAN: We got your reanalysis of the president’s budget. I won’t go back into that, but the president gave a speech on April 13th where he outlined a new budget framework that claims four trillion in deficit reduction over 12 years. Have you estimated the budget impact of this framework?

ELMENDORF: No, Mr. Chairman, we don’t estimate speeches. We need much more specificity than was provided in that speech for us to do our analysis.

RUSH: No, we do not estimate speeches. A profound put-down of The One by his bud over at the CBO, Doug Elmendorf.


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