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RUSH: The Democrats are trying to pull off something really audacious and really big, folks. I spotted it in the first hour of the program. It has nothing to do with Afghanistan, nothing to do with the president’s speech last night. Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer had a joint Senate press conference yesterday, and they more than casually blamed the Republicans for sabotaging the economy and purposely wanting the economy to do poorly, purposely destroying jobs all for their reelection chances. They said it.

Now, everybody knows that the Democrats own this destruction. Obama and the Democrats, you own this, kids. You have done this. Your fingerprints are all over it. The unemployment, the home foreclosures, the stock market, the coming inflation, the massive deficits, the subprime mortgage business, the fact that people’s homes are underwater, you did this, there is no question you did it, and you are going to pay a huge political price for it in November of 2012. You can try to blame this on the Republicans all you want. In the process you are indicting yourselves. This is the great thing about this. They always project and they always accuse us of doing what they themselves are doing.

By accusing the Republicans of purposely harming the economy and job creation they are telling us that that’s what they are doing. They’re telling us that they admit that it’s purposeful. It’s not an accident, it’s not some simple mistake, misguided policy. Oh, yeah, Obama and all the rest of you Democrats, we have heard you tell us we need to keep spending. Even yesterday, we heard you say the stimulus would cut unemployment to under 8%. We heard you say it. We’ve listened to everything you’ve said about the fact that you haven’t spent enough money, that you really need to spend even more, that the situation is worse than it was when you found it, and even more spending is required.

We heard you say that you were gonna lower the oceans. We heard you say that Obamacare would cut medical costs. We heard you say that Obamacare would cut the deficit. We heard you say that Obamacare would cut your insurance premiums by $2,500. We heard you say that Obamacare would increase access to health care. We heard you say that if we like our doctor and our current policy, that we could keep it. We heard it. Everybody heard it. Your slavish media reported it, too, over and over and over.

Obama and the Democrats, you were in our faces. You were in our ears. You were tweeting, you were yelling, you were laughing, you were Facebooking, you were having a grand old time out there destroying this economy under the pretense of trying to get people jobs, keep them in their homes. This is yours, Chuck-U Schumer. This situation is yours, Senator Durbin, and yours, Obama. The public cannot stand this. They want no part of an economy like this. They know full well that the Republicans haven’t had one finger to do with this. The Republicans haven’t had the votes to stop Obama policies, and the Republicans haven’t had the votes to pass anything.

The American public cannot stand where we are, and they cannot stand you, Democrats. Your poll numbers are in the toilet, Obama’s internal reelect numbers are in the toilet. And you wait until the full impact of your socialist policies takes hold, ’cause they haven’t fully kicked in yet. You have no idea what’s in store for you. If Obamacare fully implements, and all these waivers are taken away, and a bunch of companies have to start eliminating health care insurance as an employee benefit ’cause they can’t afford it, all that’s gonna happen. You can try to blame this on the Republicans all you want, you’re gonna find a lot of the Jonathan Alters out there that will carry your water on it, and I guarantee you that Alan Colmes, you won’t even have to ask him, he’ll be singing this song as soon as he can get himself on a Fox show.

But make no mistake, you own this. You broke it, and you own it.


RUSH: From April 3rd of 2010. This is the Los Angeles Times, interestingly enough. April 3rd, just a little over a year ago, 14 months ago. “Obama Says Economy Starting to ‘Turn the Corner’ — At a North Carolina plant, the president points to job numbers as proof that his economic policies are taking hold and says the U.S. had a ‘moral imperative’ to reform healthcare. President Obama on Friday pointed to improving job numbers as proof that his economic policies are taking hold, while contending that the new healthcare law is a moral response to the large number of uninsured Americans.” So what sabotage? Fourteen months ago, pow! The economy was roaring out there. Huge, big guns. Fourteen months later: Sabotage. See, this is why they ultimately aren’t gonna get away with this. We know what they’ve said, we know what they’ve done, and so does everybody else.


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