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RUSH: Last night CNN on Client No. 9’s show (still waiting for Weiner to show up as cohost on this one: Spitzer-Weiner! Weiner-Spitzer! Tonight at eight on CNN), Eliot Spitzer spoke with ESPN.com’s Page 2 columnist LZ Granderson. ESPN has a website called Page 2. And this columnist, LZ Granderson, they were talking about Obama’s press conference. Client No. 9 said, “At the press conference today, you thought maybe he was gonna say something about same-sex marriage. He never quite says it. Why? What’s the calculus that goes behind this? Where do you think Obama really is in his heart of hearts? What does he think about same-sex marriage?” And listen to this answer?

GRANDERSON: I think in his heart of hearts he has no problem at all with marriage e-qual-it-y. He decided to play politics and sacrifices true feelings. Why doesn’t he say it? I think because the sound bite is a pretty powerful weapon. I think I can hear Rush Limbaugh right now playing that over and over and over again to his base: “I support same-sex marriages,” and I don’t think he wants to give them that.

RUSH: Spitzer didn’t want to hear my name on his show so he said, “Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.” So I’m the reason — I, El Rushbo, a harmless, lovable little fuzzball; I am the reason — Obama won’t publicly come out and support same-sex marriage. Snerdley? (interruption) Oh, you think this guy’s being honest? Well, there’s another reason. No, it’s not just me. Oh, Snerdley, come on! You know, Snerdley… Folks, you have to understand something. We are all very fortunate in our lives if there’s someone that grants us unconditional love, and I say this from the bottom of my heart: Bo Snerdley has unconditional love for me, and Bo Snerdley thinks that I have been given the short shrift of respect and all of that, professionally, personally, throughout the 23 years (in August) of this program.

He thinks any time I am credited for something it’s due and deserved and so forth, and he has little bias in this regard. Now, I love you for it, Snerdley, I really do, but in this case I am not the main reason. You know better than I do. What’s-her-face, Michelle (My Belle), she won’t come out and say it, either, because it just isn’t acceptable in the black community, is it? (interruption) Are they? Are the poll numbers changing? Just a little bit. It’s still a nonstarter, isn’t it? (interruption) Among the older generation of African-Americans, it’s a nonstarter. You don’t go there. They’re just not into it.

You can blame me, LZ Granderson, all you want, and I’ll take it. When did marriage become so important, so vital to the left anyway? Really? Forty years ago marriage was considered outdated, old-fashioned by the hippies and the liberals. By the sixties it was antiquated and old-fashioned, monogamy. It only mattered if you were sincere. After all, marriage was only a piece of paper. Living together was good for the world! Today, the liberals say that marriage the most important thing you can do, but only if you’re gay. Liberals started caring about marriage when the gays started demanding it. (interruption) Health care benefits are attached.


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