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“Michele Bachmann complained the news media just wants to see two girls have a mud wrestling fight. I assume she was talking about a showdown between herself and Obama.”

“If Mark Halperin had said this about George W. Bush, would the media be falling all over themselves to apologize? No.”

“There’s only one reason to play the Fear or the Race or the Sick Children or the Homophobe Card, and that is when you have a losing hand.”

“CBS/New York Times poll: 63% of the country believe it is headed in the wrong direction. Only 28% think it’s headed in the right direction. If the election were tomorrow, this is a slam-dunk landslide of historic proportions. That’s how bad it is, and in the White House, they know it.”

“Now, in this game of debt ceiling poker Obama kept the one card he’s bluffed his way through life with, the Emotional Ploy Card.”

“Obama claims to be worried about our kids and our sick grandmothers, but in reality he’s worried about having an adult discussion of a serious problem that’s covered with his fingerprints.”

“Obama can brag that his pre-teenage daughters don’t wait ’til the last minute to finish their homework while he hasn’t even turned in last year’s budget — and he gets their ages wrong!”

“There’s really one group of people working to try to bring this country out of the mess it’s in, and it’s the Republicans in the House and the Senate. They’re the ones working, and the other party is simply reacting and ankle-biting.”

“The president of the United States says we cannot cut our way to prosperity. We can.”

“Trust me, I know what I’m talking about — and I’m not talking about golf; I’m talking about just the pressure to perform, meet and surpass expectations, and Tiger Woods did that. But now every time he goes on the golf course, he knows that everybody looking at him (and they are in the millions) knows that all of what ‘was’ was fabricated. I can’t imagine what that must be like, but I have to tell you: I think Barack Obama is going through much the same thing.”

“Public sector employees are paid by the taxpayers. It is not too much to ask public sector workers to contribute a little bit to their own pensions and to their own health care.”

“How embarrassingly adolescent was it for Obama to lecture Congress for being lazy? He’s golfing, he’s vacationing his way to irrelevancy. He’s lashing out because Greek columns and godlike echoes in speeches no longer work.”

“We have fundamentally got to change the way we view our country and what the purpose of our government is, and it is not to guarantee the equality of outcomes. That’s what’s at stake in the next election.”

“Too many people think that being an American means they’re entitled to ‘benefits;’ and you know what that entails: Sick days, veterinarian days, vacation days, more sick days, babysitter days, Social Security, student loans that you don’t have to repay.”

“We have here a generational challenge. We have to fix this horrible mistake that was made in 2008: Electing Obama.”

“Some do want to go further into debt, every damn one of them a Democrat. As always, we will work this out, not with tear gas in the streets, but through the two political parties.”

“Independent voters, that great swath of Hamlets who never quite know what they want, will have to cast a vote in 2012 that matters beyond the next election cycle.”

“In the universe inhabited by this generation’s Democrats, public spending is life and taxes are their oxygen.”

“Thirty-nine percent of Americans believe the economy has now entered a permanent decline, meaning they don’t think it’s ever going to reverse.”

“There are still reasons people should be optimistic, and that’s one of the reasons we are here at the EIB Network, is to try to maintain, instill, promote optimism, ’cause we’re gonna come through this.”

“It’s the Fourth of July every day here on the EIB Network. For Democrats, their Fourth of July is a April 15th. Tax collection day.”

“I guarantee you, a Fourth of July public celebration is gonna be the next target of the left, much as nativity scenes have become a target.”

“What makes you happy as a Democrat? You go to a museum and you see a crucifix of Christ in a jar of urine! That’s what you want to celebrate, or some performance artist laid out on a stage nude in chocolate, that’s what you proclaim as your patriotism.”

“Socialism does not create wealth. It redistributes wealth. Socialism doesn’t create diddly-squat. Socialism is a parasite.”

“Democrats and the unions get together when they think their benefits are being cut, when their handouts are being cut, when their food stamps are about to be shut off, that’s when they get patriotic.”

“We need a program to put 14 million Americans back to work. We are committed to creating jobs. The Democrats are committed to killing jobs. You decide which future you want: paychecks or food stamps.”

“The views expressed by the host on this program are eagerly anticipated by starving millions, thirsting for truth. It is provided free each and every day here from the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies.”

“How many thousands of dollars a year does it take to send your young skull full of mush off to Harvard to be corrupted, indoctrinated into a young skull full of liberalism?”

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