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“They were proud to be there in Landreth Park. They were proud to be Americans and proud to be from Joplin, Missouri.”

“When people around the country hear about my speech and how unabashedly pro-America it was, I will become their enemy. There are people who do not want that version of America heralded.”

“The Obama regime admitted that the stimulus didn’t accomplish anything. They admitted that every job created by the stimulus cost about $238,000 , and let’s remember that every job created by the stimulus was a government job.”

“There are people who do not believe in the greatness of this country as founded. That’s one of the primary problems we have and many of them are serving in power right now.”

“Political parties stand for things. One political party is rooted in 100% reality. Another political party is rooted in total denial of reality.”

“Anything with the name Rush on it has to be related to me somehow, I mean how many of us are there? How many of us have there really ever been?”

“We just uplifted. It was just an attempt to be inspiring and positive. You know, it was like I went out there and I tried to pretend I owned a bra company. That’s what I wanted it to end up being, uplifting.”

“I now know that there was no evidence in the Casey Anthony case. No DNA, no witnesses, no facts, no reason to convict. But as with this DSK story and other things, facts don’t matter to the media.”

“All right, my question, when does the looting start now in Orlando?”

“There is an obsession about Obama, first black president, historic in nature, messianic, smartest guy we’ve ever had, has all the solutions, has all the answers. They just aren’t working yet.”

“You don’t see a bunch of elected officials running out, getting in line to buy a Chevy Volt. You don’t see ’em using mass transit.”

“I still can’t believe I’m doing this. The Casey Anthony verdict here on the EIB Network. It’s one of our high points.”

“I could go down a list of what it is I hate about TV. First and foremost, none of it’s real. I live in Realville.”

“In 22 years there are still things I don’t think about, and one of the things I never think about is video.”

“We all know about the Algore effect. The Algore effect is hilarious. And now we have a troubling trend out there, ladies and gentlemen, that indicates that there is an Obama effect.”

“There’s no pain, and there’s no empathy whatsoever inside the White House for what’s happening throughout America.”

“So if you’re a CEO or the owner of a small business, and you get a call from the White House and Obama wants to come by and say hi and use your place, don’t let him. You are destined for the ash heap soon after Obama shows up.”

“I went out, and I did ten minutes of pure Fourth of July American independence, Revolution, what it all means.”

“We gave every vendor at the Joplin Fourth of July celebration some money to compensate for the fact that we were there giving something away. It was the right thing to do.”

“Rush Limbaugh, behind the Golden EIB Microphone, doing what I was born to do, and so were you. I was born to host; you were born to listen.”

“The remarkable thing about this program for me, what it’s meant to me as a person, is that the relationship between my staff here, me, and the audience, you, is familial, it’s like a family.”

“There is some strange stuff that happens in Orlando. Some really weird stuff happens in that town.”

“I’ll go through the crap, I’ll fix it, you’ll benefit from it.”

“Two If By Tea, iced tea packaged as patriotism.”

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