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RUSH: I promised this global warming story. It’s from the French News Agency. (laughing) “China’s soaring coal consumption in the last decade held back global warming as sulfur emissions served as a coolant, according to a study that takes head-on a key argument of climate skeptics.”

Now, I would think this would prove that climate skeptics are right. Was not the burning of coal the worst thing we could do to create greenhouse gases that elevated the earth’s temperatures? Obama wanted to put the coal business out of business because it was the number one contributor to global warming, and now the planet hasn’t warmed in ten years, and so they’re saying China and its soaring coal consumption is the reason why.

“While 2005 and 2010 are tied as the hottest years on record,” that’s BS. I don’t even want to get distracted with that. “skeptics have charged that an absence of a steady rise from 1998 to 2008 disproves the view that people are heating up the planet through greenhouse gas emissions. Robert Kaufmann, a professor at Boston University, said he was motivated to conduct the study after a skeptic confronted him at a public forum, telling him he had seen on Fox News that temperatures had not risen over the decade.” This guy panics. He hears that somebody said on Fox News that the temperature haven’t gone up, so he had to go out and do a study.

“‘Nothing that I had read that other people have done gave me a quick answer to explain that seeming contradiction, because I knew that carbon dioxide concentrations have risen,’ Kaufmann told AFP.” And, of course, it was simply out of the realm of possibility that carbon dioxide levels do not cause an increase in global warming temperatures. They can’t let go of the theory, but they don’t. I mean, folks, here’s the summation. This is truly hilarious. A scientist set out to prove the global warming skeptics at Fox wrong, which, by the way, is the epitome of bad science. That’s not how you do science is to go prove somebody else wrong. Anyway, he wanted to find an explanation for the lack of any global warming over the last ten years, so he blames China’s burning of coal because that prevents the sun’s ray’s from reaching the earth, which is exactly what they used to call the greenhouse effect, which is what they used to call global warming.

So I don’t know how to accept this. The very culprit is now being cited as the savior, or the explanation for why there hasn’t been any warming. So by this guy’s study we ought to start burning coal left and right if indeed there’s global warming going on. We ought to throw away this green energy crap right now and just go all coal, all the time. More hilarious, the study claims that temperatures rose in the seventies after nations started to take action to curb sulfur emissions. So the real culprits to blame for global warming are the environmentalists who made us cut back on our use of coal. That’s what we have to conclude here. (laughing) China’s coal burning stopped global warming. How many of you, seriously, ask yourself, how many of you heard for years that coal leads to global warming? Now the temperatures didn’t rise, they didn’t go up out there for ten years, and they panicked, and experts at Fox were saying, “See, there’s no global warming,” so this yuckety-yuck had to get into action to try figure out the explanation.


RUSH: Now, I want to go back to this French News Agency story on the lack of global warming and the explanation for it (laughing) being way too much coal being burned by the ChiComs. The cherry on top of all this: The study was coauthored by none other than Michael Mann. Disgraced from the University of East Anglia, the Hadley Climate Center, Michael Mann is the author of the bogus hockey stick chart showing warming trends since the 1700s. Everybody now admits that the hockey stick chart is wrong. Some won’t admit that he fabricated it, but everybody knows that it is wrong.


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