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“When is the country going to be like I am? That will really tick ’em off.”

“If the 14th Amendment allowed the president to spend money anytime he wanted for whatever reason, it would have been done by now.”

“I don’t care how you slice it: Obama and the Democrats are poison for America.”

“Charts and graphs can prove that tax rate reductions enhance revenue. Tax cuts create revenue, particularly in an economy like ours.”

“What is being done to this country is breaking my heart. These people are destroying the opportunity to create wealth. It bugs the hell out of me what is happening to the country by the Washington ruling class. We’re all being played for saps.”

“With these people, I don’t trust anything. I don’t trust anything I read. Everything is a political calculation. We know that the mainstream media is on Obama’s team. We know he’s there to advance his agenda, and we know that they’re into manipulation of thinking.”

“That’s just the way Washington works, be it tax cuts or spending or whatever. The spending always happens right now.”

“It’s re-election time in Washington. The press is on Obama’s side, and I don’t believe anything that I read in the mainstream press.”

“The one thing in the Boehner bill, and Democrats don’t like this, is that the debt ceiling doesn’t get raised enough to get us through the 2012 election. In other words, the Boehner bill is not a full-fledged Obama Re-election Lifeline Bill. But that’s what Reid wants to turn it into.”

“You are listening to the EIB Network, the home of Industrial-Strength Ideological Purity.”

“This is exactly what inside the Beltway Washington wants of the Republican leaders. They want a Bob Michel: A guy who will simply keep the caucus in line and not make any waves as long as he gets to play golf with people now and then, who won’t object to whatever is going on.”

“Where is Republican victory in the Reid bill? Where is the victory in there being no tax increases in the Reid debt ceiling deal, because there never have been.”

“There are no real spending cuts in either bill. We went through that yesterday with the baseline. There are no real cuts, and certainly not at all in the Reid bill.”

“Reid is now saying it. McConnell is saying he’s shocked that the Democrats are so opposed to the Boehner bill. He’s shocked. But Reid just said it, Democrats can incorporate elements of the Boehner bill into the Reid bill. Gosh, I hoped I was wrong. But I’m not.”

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