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RUSH: See, I think there’s a new strategy. I don’t think this is happenstance. It’s for the Drive-Bys to specifically refer to Republicans as terrorists and suicide bombers. And, you know, folks, the last thing, I’m very uncomfortable giving these people any kind of publicity anyway because nobody really watches ’em, and it’s very frustrating for Cookie and Cookie’s little helpers ’cause most of this crap happens on MSNBC, and I told ’em I really don’t want to give them any attention. Nobody else watches ’em, why should we give ’em any attention? And they get very frustrated because MSNBC is the best example of where all this crap is happening. It does happen throughout the left-wing media, but MSNBC is just where it’s all codified, condensed, and concentrated.

Chris Matthews, I can remember when he once guest hosted this show. It once was sufficient that we could put him on here to guest host the program. It wouldn’t happen anymore. I don’t know what’s happened to the guy, I really don’t. That whole network is a loony bin, and it’s a loony bin filled with people who are overflowing with uncontrollable rage, anger, unhappiness, and misery, by design. This is their niche. They’ve chosen it. Chris Matthews said Tuesday it was scary that Republicans like Michele Bachmann were willing to not face the warning signs about raising the federal debt ceiling and take the United States right off the cliff. His guest was Senator Claire McCaskill from Missouri. She noted that it was a misconception that raising the debt ceiling would permit Congress to spend more. (laughing) My brother went to law school with her and I remember he used to say she was okay. They’ve gone nuts. I mean, a misconception, raising the debt ceiling would permit Congress to spend more?

“All we’re doing is making good on the spending that’s already occurred,” she said, “It’s like they bought a new car and don’t want to make the payment.” That’s a crock. It’s not true. And then Joan Walsh at Salon, who is also out of control, and these people are all part of the cabal that, you know, the Duke lacrosse case, without any evidence those lacrosse players were guilty as sin. These people were recently embarrassed on a similar type story, they all piled on, they were all wrong about, I forget what it was. I don’t think it was DSK. I’ll find out what it was. Anyway, Joan Walsh was a guest, and Matthews said, “Republicans’ plans to hold the debt ceiling hostage until the Democrats agreed to budget cuts was terrorism.” Now, I say this in the context, okay, if we’re gonna suspend Halperin for using the word “dick,” I’m just telling you there is a lot worse and more incendiary language out there being used.

This is dangerous stuff. I mean it really is over the line. Tina Brown, “Republicans are acting like economic suicide bombers.” That was on MSNBC. She was talking to Mika Brzezinski. Tina Brown is the editor of the DailyBeast and Newsweek now. And Chris Matthews called the Republicans the Wahhabis of American government. Meaning that the Republicans are Muslim terrorists. Wahhabiism is the militant Islam. And I’m just saying this stuff is far more incendiary than what Halperin said. And of course, (imitating New Castrati) “It’s not civil, it just isn’t civil and we’re supposed to be civil.” Remember that, Obama goes out there to Arizona, Gabrielle Giffords thing, and talks about the need for new civilivity because these people lied about Sarah Palin being responsible for the shooter out there, and then me? And then you got these guys making these kinds of comments?


RUSH: By the way, speaking of this Matthews and Tina Brown stuff, Obama said during his Twitter town hall yesterday that the GOP was holding a gun to the head of the country. I mean these people on the left are using this incendiary, murderous type lingo. And of course you ask, “Where is the civility?” And this is the same man, Barack Obama, who lectured us on dangerous rhetoric after the Giffords shooting when he kicked off his reelection campaign in Tucson.


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