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“Republicans in Washington want what has worked in Texas and Tennessee and North Dakota. They want low taxes; a business-friendly, limited government. That’s not sabotage. That’s rescue!”

“Government doesn’t create jobs. Government transfers wealth around. It doesn’t create anything. It destroys it, pure and simple.”

“Obama says you can’t cut your way to prosperity. You must certainly can, and we must. We can’t afford what we’re spending now.”

“This is a business, radio, where people get fired on a whim. You know how many times I’ve been fired; I’ve told you. I wear it as a badge of honor.”

“Everybody at some point in their life has epiphanies where they learn things. Lights go off or somebody teaches them something that they didn’t know. Hopefully that will happen your whole life. I learn something every day.”

“I’ve always said that most people’s limitations are self-imposed. Most of the limitations are not placed on you by others, but rather on yourself.”

“Young people need to have the vistas of their dreams as wide open as possible. There’s nothing wrong with anybody thinking they can do anything.”

“I once heard Oprah Winfrey say that she’s not one of these people afraid of success, and I, El Rushbo, knew exactly what she meant. A person who is afraid of success is a person who has no confidence.”

“I’ll tell you what’s shaping up here, folks, on the Fourth of July: It’s the Democrat Party versus America. It’s Obama versus America. It’s the left versus America. That’s where we are.”

“Republicans are all about creating jobs. Republicans are capitalists and it’s capitalism that produces jobs and creates jobs.”

“Big government undermines the private sector. The private sector is the economy. Liberals weaken or sabotage economies; conservatives stimulate and rescue them.”

“The Republicans are all about job creation, freedom, and liberty. Conservative Republicans particularly.”

“I’m going to be in Joplin along with a lot of us from Two If By Tea. This really isn’t about the tea. We’re talking here about American exceptionalism.”

“Joplin, Missouri, didn’t blame global warming for their tornadoes. That’s another reason they deserve our arrival and all of the support they’re getting.”

“Learning is what you learn after you know everything. Very simple. Learning is what you figure out after you know everything.”

“The Fourth of July is fitting to honor heroes among us, of course, including the military, and every day, common, ordinary, average people, the people who make this country work are doing their part to make it better. That’s what we’re all about at Two If By Tea, American pride, American unity.”

“The new IMF woman replacing this guy happens to be from Chicago. Anybody want to start talking conspiracies here? This is delectable. This is going to be fun.”

“If Republicans are sabotaging the economy, why is the Texas economy so strong? Why is North Dakota’s economy booming? Why is New Jersey’s economy on the rebound?”

“The bottom line is we’re gonna find out what kind of country we are, and I think we got a pretty good answer in November’s elections in 2010. The next chance, of course, is November 2012.”

“I love sharing my passions with you. It will be 23 years on August 1st, just a month away, our 23rd anniversary.”

“Once people can overcome this notion of self-limitation then the world opens up to you and your perspective on life changes. Anything within your dreaming and imagination becomes possible.”

“Speaking of sabotage, both Schumer and Durbin are pushing for yet another stimulus, which is another failure.”

“Two If By Tea’s giant semi will be rolling into Joplin, Missouri, to join in the citywide Fourth of July celebration. We want to show the people of Joplin the stronger meaning of what it means to be American.”

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