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“Boehner’s base does not want him to compromise or cave, so whatever pressure he thinks he’s under is coming from somebody else.”

“Paul Ryan doesn’t do anything to Medicare. His plan doesn’t affect current recipients of Medicare at all. The Democrats, Obamacare cut $500 billion from it, folks. And by doing so, they’re going to deny seasoned citizens their drugs and care. It’s the death panels. The so-called progressive Democrats did that.”

“Our virtual broadcast museum is amazing.”

“The Democrats have already bought close to 43% of the population. That’s the percentage of people who get some kind of government money to live.”

“Obama is not a solution. Obama is the problem.”

“When 47% of US households pay no income tax at all and get money back, that’s one hell of a tax loophole.”

“Stimulus money was buying weapons for Mexican drug cartels, by design, that was its purpose.”

“We took over the states with just conservative Republicans. Look at Wisconsin, Ohio, some blue states. We did it with solid conservatives by defeating RINO Republicans. That’s what needs to happen, not go third party.”

“So basically, David Plouffe is saying you people are a bunch of selfish twits. As long as your personal situation is okay, you don’t care if the country’s going to hell, you’ll vote for the guy taking it there.”

“If the Republicans cave on this deal for extending the debt that means the reelection of Obama in 2012. There will be a third party.”

“The RINOs destroy the Republican brand. RINOs destroy what conservatism stands for. The RINOs not only betray, they redefine”

“Bernie Madoff was the one Democrat who solidly through — from front to back, start to finish, top to bottom — ran his business the exact way the Democrats run the government.”

“I’m thinking, if this tea is that powerful, I mean somebody that loathes tea ends up loving it with ours, imagine what a case or a number of cases if sent to the Republican leadership would do.”

“A tax loophole is not exploiting the law. It is the law. A tax loophole is not an end-around.”

“Why is it that when you learn two plus 2 + 2 = 4 you remember it, but when you learn that tax cuts create jobs, you forget it?”

“Obama doesn’t get involved in talks until the final moments, then when he does get involved, the meetings are in secret. He comes out of the meetings framing the issues and some deal gets cut, and the public has no idea what the details are until there is a vote..

“The Democrats are bluffing. The Ruling Class is bluffing. They are in a panicked hysteria, which itself is the indication of the weakness of their position.

“The standard Democrat mantra is, ‘Hey, I support tax cuts, but not this Republican tax cut.'”

“The president’s been running around talking about corporate jets and the rich and how the sky is gonna fall unless Republicans cave, and I think they’re getting ready to cave in a pretty big way on Sunday.”

“I really don’t know if it’s on purpose or we just elected the biggest accident in the history of mankind, but whatever, Barack Obama is having lots of success destroying things.”

“We don’t want to compromise with Obama here. We want Obama caving, which can be made to happen.”

“Republicans are creatures of Washington. What does Washington do? It spends money. It’s what it thinks it has to do. That’s what the role of government is, spend money. That’s how you please people. It’s how you pay people off. It’s how you buy their vote.”

“Some people revel in being wrong. I revel in being right.”

“So you, as a Congress, you agree to budget cuts today that will happen in 2010. Well, by the time the Congress of 2020 comes along they’re gonna say screw those guys in 2011, we’re gonna do what we want to do now.”

“Koko Junior’s actual name is Dean.”

“Open Line Friday is where I take one of the greatest career risks known to exist in the free or oppressed worlds, particularly in Big Media.”

“Is David Gergen on this planet?”

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