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RUSH: Over in the Senate they’re messing around with this Gang of Six thing, but the Gang of Six thing won’t even be ready by Ramadan. It won’t be ready by August 3rd. No, the Gang of Six bill will not be ready. I got it right here in the stack. I’ll get out during the break here. Here it is. It’s the next thing up. Boy, did I prep this good or what? From TheHill.com: “Key Dems: Gang of Six Plan Won’t Be Ready for Debt-Limit Deal by Aug. 2 — Key Senate Democrats on Tuesday said the Gang of SixÂ’s $3.7 trillion deficit-reduction proposal could not be included in a package to raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling by Aug. 2. Senate Democratic whip Dick Durbin (Ill.), a member of the Gang of Six, said Tuesday the groupÂ’s plan is not ready to be attached to legislation to increase the debt limit.”

So what are we talking about? And, by the way, a little history question. Do you know where this “gang of” stuff started, in our lifetimes at least? I’m sure that there have been gangs in the history of humanity, but in the political realm, the original gang was Gang of Four. Mao Tse-tung’s wife, a ChiCom broad, led a Gang of Four in an anti- something or other movement. I don’t think it was anti- her husband. It was. Okay, that’s right. It was. Mao’s big deal was a cultural revolution. The way you translate cultural revolution, ChiCom, is murder. The cultural revolution resulted in about, well, the number of deaths was close to that of Stalin in his fake famine, 20 million deaths. So a cultural revolution equaled murder. And Mao’s wife, Mrs. Mao, led the Gang of Four against it. So this “gang of” crap can be traced back to the original brutal, murderous ChiComs.


RUSH: The Gang of Four, by the way, their main targets (you gotta be of a certain age to remember these names) was Chou En-lai. Chou En-lai was who Henry Kissinger and Nixon met when they reopened things China back in the seventies. Yeah, Premiere Chou En-lai. In fact, I remember John Chancellor, who worked at NBC News then, made it a point to pronounce his name “Joe.” Pronunciation changed all over the bandwidth there, “Jow En-lai, Zhou Enlai.” John Chancellor just called him “Joe.” Joe En-lai. And at the time the soon-to-become head honcho “Dung” Xiaoping. Those are two guys at the Gang of Four tried to wipe out, Mao’s wife and I think Lin Biao was one of the others who mysteriously vanished. Just one day wasn’t there and then the next day we saw Mao supposedly swim in the river, but all we could see was his head. It was a very transparent and open regime, the Mao regime, just like Obama’s is.

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