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RUSH: John Boehner, we’re gonna start here. He just had a little presser this afternoon, and during the Q&A, a reporter said, “Mr. Speaker, the Senate majority leader, [Dingy Harry], said today that you do have an agreement — roughly around $30 billion in cuts — and that the only thing that’s holding this up is a difference over Title X funding. Is he telling the truth?”

BOEHNER: Almost all of the policy issues have been dealt with, and there is no agreement on the spending level, and we’re working to try to get there.

REPORTERS: (all screaming at once)

REPORTER: Is Planned Parenthood and Title X funding the issue you have a problem with and what are you planning on doing about it?

BOEHNER: Almost all of the policy riders have been dealt with.

RUSH: Well, he sounds really interested, doesn’t he? “Almost all the policy riders been dealt with?” “Is this Title X, Planned Parenthood funding the issue you’re having a problem with?” It is, folks. It is. Next question: “Well, what’s your message to thousands of families who are planning on visiting the museums in Washington and the National Parks around the country?” What’s your message to them right now, Boehner?

BOEHNER: Our goal is to keep the government open. I’ve said it thousands and thousands of times privately and publicly: Our goal is not to shut down the government. Our goal is to cut spending.

RUSH: Also on Capitol Hill this afternoon, female Democrat senators held a press conference to talk about the spending cuts and women’s rights — and we all know what that is. Here is Senator Amy Klobuchar, Democrat, Minnesota.

KLOBUCHAR: A while ago I was going through the metal detector line, which I always do, and there was a, uh, uh — a deputy sheriff standing there, and she looked at me and she said, “Those guys are not gonna mess with my birth control, are they?” and I made a commitment to her that, “No, they’re not gonna mess with your birth control.” This is about a budget discussion, right? This isn’t about her birth control, and that’s what we’re standing up here today.

RUSH: Yes, we’re supposed to believe this. We’re supposed to sit here and have our intelligence insulted. That’s what we’re supposed to believe: They are taking the hill. They’re trying to hold the hill for birth control. That’s right. They want to keep themselves out of our bedroom, right. There was a deputy sheriff standing there. She looked at me and said, “Those guys, they’re not gonna mess with my birth control, are they?” Do we believe that? Do we believe that Amy Klobuchar was going through the metal detector and some female deputy sheriff said, “They’re not gonna mess with my birth control, are they?” and somehow that moved Senator Klobuchar?

That deputy sheriff reached Senator Klobuchar. At that moment, she made a commitment! “No, they’re not gonna mess with your birth control.” So the women in the Senate are standing firm, standing up for your birth control — which, of course, means abortion, if this actually happened. What the deputy sheriff said was, “Those guys not gonna mess with my (abortions), are they?” and Klobuchar said, “Nope, we are not gonna let ’em mess with your (abortion), but really it’s not about your (abortion). It’s about a budget discussion.”

There are no depths to which they will sink that they have any fear. They’ll just lie, make it up, humiliate, embarrass themselves. Somebody explain to me — Snerdley, I’m sure you’ll know this — what kind of birth control is allowed under Sharia law? (long pause) (laughing) Not even “I have a headache” works in Sharia law, folks. (laughing) Not even “I have a headache.” Does the TSA stop people with Viagra? (laughing) Well, it’s a birth control issue, she says! I’m just wondering.


RUSH: What I want to know is, so Amy Klobuchar is going through the metal detector at the airport and some deputy sheriff says: Those guys, they’re not gonna take away my birth control?

Who is actually stopping that deputy sheriff from buying birth control?

Nobody’s stopping her from buying it, and nobody’s gonna be stopping her from buying birth control after whatever is dealt with. Now, folks, I’m gonna give you a heads-up here. If Boehner agrees to a low dollar amount, if this thing compromises — a $30 billion or $40 billion — it’s not going to be pretty in the Tea Party and throughout the country.

Mark my words and don’t doubt me.


RUSH: Linda in Evansville, Indiana. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I love listening to you and it’s a thrill to be talking to you. I wanted to make a comment on the Democrat congresswoman going through security and the woman was so concerned about her birth control.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: What should have been said to her was try closing your legs. That works, and the taxpayers don’t have to pay for that.

RUSH: (laughing) Yeah, it’s kind of like abstinence, you know, works every time it’s tried.

CALLER: It certainly does.

RUSH: But see, you understand that won’t work. We are supposed to pay in the event the deputy sheriff did not close her legs.

CALLER: And something’s wrong there, too. And it goes back to our liberal government and the people starting from the president on down.

RUSH: Yeah, I know.

CALLER: I’m hoping that we can get ’em all out and turn this country back to a Christian country, a God-fearing country where we can balance our budget and have people up there that have some common sense and some brains again.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: I love talking to ya!

RUSH: Glad you called.

CALLER: I think I’m doing all the talking and you haven’t said much.

RUSH: That’s all right. I needed a break. I really did and you came in, you rescued me. That was perfect timing, Linda. Glad you called. I really am.


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