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RUSH: Another piece of evidence, ladies and gentlemen, in the ongoing story of the ruling class attempt to bend and shape our opinion to get what they want. This is a public opinion poll just released yesterday. Isn’t it miraculous? The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll is out now, and guess what? Guess what? Independents have all of a sudden had their fill of it, and they want the debt limit raised, and they want tax increases. It’s right here in the poll. I have it right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. It’s BS. Total BS. It’s a poll of adults. It’s not a poll of any voters. It’s not a poll of likely voters or registered voters, it’s a poll of adults. It’s a poll of blithering idiots.

“Republicans who have refused to compromise with Obama,” there’s nothing to compromise on! He does not have a plan. How in the world do you compromise with a doofus that’s got no plan on paper? What are we compromising with? Who are we compromising with? What the hell’s the thing we’re compromising with? We’re compromising with ourselves. They want us to compromise with ourselves, which means they want us to give up what really matters to us. Yeah, he’s a doofus. Sounds better than jackass.

“Republicans who have refused to compromise with President Barack Obama to avoid a U.S. debt default are heeding the anti-tax wishes of their conservative base but are also risking isolation from many independent voters as public opinion shifts in favor of getting a deal done, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds. The poll of 1,000 adults, taken July 14-17, found a dramatic shift…” This is all BS. This a pee-pee, caca, BS, folks. This is an opinion poll designed to shape opinion. It’s designed to make you think that you are the fuddy-duddy, you’re the one that’s etched in cement, you’re the one that’s old-fashioned, why, all the smart people, the independents, they finally see the light. And now they want Obama to get what he wants, it’s unfair that he can’t. We don’t know what he wants, at least on paper, but we know philosophically.

“A plurality of Americans — 38% — said the debt ceiling should be raised, against 31% who said it shouldn’t. A month ago 39% said the debt limit shouldn’t be raised, while 28% said it should.” Why, this is dramatic, in the five days, six days I was gone, look what happened here. And I don’t believe this. This is all part of the way this game is played and structured. I’ll bet if there were polling data in ’67, we could go back and we could find identical polling results. Maybe different numbers, but identical attitudinal shift. I’ll bet you we could.


RUSH: So the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll: “Public Tilts Toward Debt-Cap Compromise.” Independents have all of a sudden gone through a great awakening and are now demanding that Obama get what he wants. One of the many lessons learned by those of you who attend class here at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies is that there are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and polls. We live in a center-right country, so any time center-left poll results are advanced by the State-Controlled Media, beware. Skewed polls are used to make news and then to shape opinion. They are used to confuse issues, not to bring clarity. And when it comes to the debt ceiling crisis manufactured by a president and his party who thinks leading means to vote “present,” which is all he’s doing here, confusion is the only way that he can continue to advance his war on prosperity.

John Podhoretz writing at Commentary says the big news today in Washington is this poll. Oh, yeah, they’re glomming onto this poll like, “Oh, my God, salvation! Jesus has spoken,” except Jesus isn’t any big deal to these people. Allah has spoken, whoever, Gaia, God has spoken. And the poll “shows both a pox on all your houses attitude toward the president…” Really? “This is a poll of adults. Not registered voters. Not likely voters. Adults. As a practical matter, a politician judges the danger to himself from a political stand based on how actual voters will respond. In this case, the poll offers no guide to that. Turnout in the 2010 midterm election that brought 63 new Republicans to the House was 41 percent of registered voters.” Turnout in the 2010 midterm election that gave us a landslide Republican victory all the way down the ballot was 41% of registered voters.

“Registered voters make up 61 percent of all adults. Therefore, the actual constituents to whom Republican House members must respond constitute something like 20 percent of the universe of adults who make up the respondents of this poll.” That is the way to put this in perspective. Twenty percent of adults in this poll represent people who vote. That’s it. “There are two reasons to do a poll of adults only on a complex matter involving Congress in a non-election year. One is cost; it is more expensive to do a rigorous poll of registered or even likely voters. The other is to skew the debate.” Which is what is happening here. To skew the debate. Pure and simple.

Let’s go to the audio sound bites. Just to illustrate how so little changes, November 3rd, 2010, the Republicans won this historic election, and I opened the program with a theme that is the buzzword of the debate we are in today.

RUSH ARCHIVE: What is all this talk about compromise? This talk about compromise started last night and it’s being given almost a full-throated throttle today, and it’s coming from both sides. Compromise, ladies and gentlemen, losers compromise. Winners do not compromise. The Democrats won nothing.

RUSH: And that’s how we started the show November 3rd, 2010. And the reason I did is because from the moment the election returns were known, from the moment it was clear what a sweeping landslide victory the Republicans had, the Democrats and the media immediately demanded compromise. This proved it, they said, this election proved that voters want compromise. And I was illustrating how the game is played here at that time, and that’s why I pointed out winners do not compromise. Which is why I have been asking the Republicans in the House and in the Senate, don’t cave. You are the winners. You hold the cards. The public has not had a momentous attitude or opinion shift since November. They have not. This NBC News poll is a phony. But the Republicans are nervous, and they get more nervous each and every day ’cause this is tough to resist. It’s tough to resist. It’s tough to be vilified 24/7 for your entire life. But that’s what they face. Here we have a montage of State-Controlled Media throwing all kinds of skewed polls at the Republicans, trying to get them to fold.

POTTS: A new NBC poll finds most Americans want to see compromise.

MEADE: A new CBS poll finds two-thirds of people surveyed support a deal that would include spending cuts and tax increases.

PERINO: Two-thirds of the people want Washington to compromise.

BRZEZINSKI: Sixty-two percent say Republicans should compromise and raise taxes.

SHARPTON: Sixty-two percent say the GOP should compromise and raise taxes.

SCHOEN: All the polls now show the Republicans are seen as intransigent, not doing enough to compromise.

RUSH: Wait a second. Was that Al Sharpton in there? We put Al Sharpton in a montage? Wait a second, what am I missing, does Al Sharpton have a show now? I mean TV show. We don’t do montages of people on radio. Al Sharpton? Are you kidding me? MSNBC’s gonna hire the guy? Are you kidding me? Yeah, that’s what I’m being told here, that he’s been auditioning for the past three weeks, the 6 p.m. gig, Al Sharpton. Well, I guess the criticisms of all the whiteness over there at MSNBC must have got to ’em. The all white network is gonna put Al Sharpton in there at six o’clock, yeah, so that’s why he’s in the montage. “Sixty-two percent say the GOP should compromise and raise taxes.” Well, he won’t need the megaphone anymore. (laughing) I take it back. Yes, he still will need the megaphone, particularly being on MSNBC.

Now, folks, the House bill, here’s the frustrating thing, the House bill is compromise. It does raise the debt ceiling the amount Obama is requesting. It does do that. The House bill raises the debt ceiling. Isn’t that compromise? They are compromising. Now, you’re well informed, you keep up with the news, you listen to this program regularly. You probably know that Obama, for all his current protestations, voted against raising the debt ceiling in 2006, but do you know how Harry Reid voted? I’ll tell you. He voted against raising the debt limit. What about Chuck-U Schumer? Chuck-U Schumer voted against raising the debt ceiling. How about Hillary Clinton? How did she vote in the Senate? Do you believe Hillary Clinton was against rating the debt ceiling? Let’s see. Dick Durbin. Shazam, Dick Durbin voted against raising the debt ceiling, 2006. How about Joe Bite Me? Current Vice President Joe Bite Me, guess what? He voted against raising the debt ceiling in 2006.

All Democrat senators, every one of them still in the Senate voted against raising the debt limit in 2006. Every Democrat Senator today who was in the Senate in 2006 voted against raising the debt limit. And the media, while they didn’t vote, they didn’t go after Democrats for playing politics with our blah, blah. When the Democrats voted against raising the debt ceiling in 2006 was the media all over them about Social Security checks and veterans’ checks? I don’t remember that, do you? Every Democrat, Obama, Schumer, Durbin, Reid, Feinstein, you name it, they all voted against raising the debt ceiling in 2006.

Now, Republicans have now passed their second bill, Cut, Cap, and Balance, this session that attempts to — and, by the way, this was good. Cut, Cap, and Balance, that was sort of like a slap in the face at Obama. “Okay, here it is, pal, you veto it. You go veto this.”


RUSH: Ed in Fort Myers, Florida, great that you waited. Nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos from the Gulf Coast, Mr. Tea.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, you were speaking about the phony baloney polls that they’re putting out saying that the American people favored a balanced approach and tax increases and everything else.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: It got me thinking, which is one of your greatest contributions to society is you get us thinking, it got me thinking back to the health care debate and how it seemed to me that most of the polls out there seemed to indicate that an overwhelming majority of the American people were opposed to it, but they didn’t seem to care about the polls back then, did they?

RUSH: Oh, no, of course not. Exactly right. The people were opposed to the health care debate, the people were opposed to immigration, that’s what I mean, Obama’s a great leader with bad followers.

CALLER: Exactly. Exactly. In the spirit of when opportunity knocks you fling the door wide open, can I ask you another question about polls?

RUSH: About polls? By all means, I know them all, go ahead and ask.

CALLER: Well, I listen to you talk about them all the time, and many times you say that one side or the other is sweating because of the internals of the poll.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I never was able to figure out what the internals are.

RUSH: Well, when I say internals, some people call them the cross tabs, other people call them the charts, the minutia detail. What I mean by internals is private. Obama has his own polling unit and it’s different from the ABC News poll or the CBS poll or any of the others. When I say internal White House polling data it means the poll they are personally paying for, their campaign is paying for.

CALLER: Oh, okay.

RUSH: Those internal polls are privately commissioned and they’re usually much more focused and they spent a lot more money on them. It is their sole business. Polling data and campaigns go together like water and soap for most people.

CALLER: Well, thank you very much, Rush. That’s why you have a lifelong student at the Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies here in Fort Myers.

RUSH: Thanks very much. I appreciate that.


Chris in Henderson, Nevada, which is Las Vegas, essentially, hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, mega what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas dittos.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: Long-time listener, first-time caller. I got a theory that I think warrants your expert analysis, and that is I think what’s happening is we’re seeing the progressives and the left I guess in general is seeing their entire paradigm, their belief system is being challenged. The last two and a half years is evident of that, what’s happening in Europe is evident of that, and so I think it’s to be expected you’d get this kind of reaction. I know I would react strongly if someone said, “Hey, your entire way of thinking is messed up.” What are your thoughts?

RUSH: Well, I think it depends on which liberals you’re talking about. But I think rank and file doofus liberal believers are stunned. They really do expect a utopia. They really do expect fairness and equality and roses and all that wonderful stuff. I think they are enraged and angry all the time anyway, but now even more so because they’re seeing firsthand it doesn’t work. Liberal leaders are another matter. They have known forever that they are governing against the will of people. Now, in Europe, they’ve brought the people along to the point the people have no choice anymore, and they know human nature, and they know that a majority of people can be made to be very lazy and become dependent. But they’re very patient about all this is my point. They’ll work on this, they never give up an idea. If they decide the SUV is bad, at some point the SUV is going to go unless they’re fought. I don’t think there’s anything mysterious about them. Look, they have to lie in order to get elected. They know they’re governing against the will of the people. Obama knows it, he just doesn’t care, at all. I know it’s hard to understand when you’re talking about the president, but it’s true.


RUSH: Folks, one other important point about internal polls: They’re true. A candidate needs the truth. A campaign needs to know the exact lay of the land. Internal polls, privately commissioned polls by candidates are dead-on accurate, as accurate as polling can be, as distinguished from public polls. Never forget that.

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