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Author and cultural commentator Mark Steyn filled in for Rush on Wednesday’s program. Rush will be back on Thursday.

“We need to talk about not just halting the debt ceiling, which was done in this House vote last night, but ways in which we can lower and actually eliminate it and get us back to the small-government Republic of freeborn citizens using their wit and self-reliance to exploit their full opportunities and live life to the fullest.” -Steyn

• FOX: House Republicans Meet With Obama After Rejecting Debt Ceiling Increase

• Morning Bell: The Debt Is Not a Game, Mr. President

• WT: House Rejects ‘Clean’ Debt-Ceiling Hike, 318-97

“The public understands that this vote not to raise the debt ceiling is about an out-of-control, spend-a-holic government spending us into oblivion. We’re winning this argument. We’ve changed the terms of political discourse in the country. That happens very rarely, especially if you’re a conservative.” -Steyn

• WT: 77,000 Federal Workers Paid More than Governors

• WT: Pro-Union Policies Stifle Innovation, Recovery

“As long as these bureaucracies exist they’re going to be engaged in pathetic, pointless make-work schemes that justify not only their own perpetuation, but the need for even bigger and bigger staffs.” -Steyn

• Mark Steyn: Cowed by Udderly Insane Regulations

• BG: Family Facing $4 Million in Fines for Selling Bunnies

• BG: USDA Appears To Be Caving on Rabbit Fines• WP: Revamping Regulations to Aid Businesses‎

“One-in-twenty commercial activities required a license in the 1950s. Now it’s one in three. We’re approaching the stage where to engage in any form of commercial activity will require permission from the state.” -Steyn

• FOX: Rep. Weiner Knocks Down Questions Over Lewd Photo, Says He Won’t Be Distracted

• Weinergate: Congressman’s Media Meltdown! Belligerent Weiner Refuses to Answer Questions, Calls CNN Producer ”Jackass”)

• TS: PC Candidate’s Privates Appear on Twitter

“This is the post-modern stage of Western Civilization’s decay: We now set up new bureaucracies to crack down on waste in existing bureaucracies.” -Steyn

• FOX: DNC Chair: Republicans Believe Illegal Immigration ”Should Be a Crime”

• TIME: North Korea: One of the Happiest Places on Earth?

• Reuters: France, Belgium, Dutch Investigate IKEA Blasts

• TS: Food Stamp Participation Rises for 37th-Straight Month

• TE: Pro-Obama Media Always Shocked by Bad Economic News

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