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RUSH: Jacksonville, Florida, Patrick, I’m glad you waited, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, how you doing, Rush?

RUSH: Very good. Thank you.

CALLER: I just came off from a great day of golfing at the beach this morning, was driving down A1A when that teacher called in and I nearly bit the end of my cigar off.

RUSH: Which teacher was it? We’ve had a couple here.

CALLER: The one from Wisconsin who said he’d be glad to take a cut and they’re doing great things in Wisconsin and you’re denigrating all teachers with your statement.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I remember the guy, right.

CALLER: Can I ask you a quick question about your golf game before I tee off on the teacher?

RUSH: Oh, by all means, it’s Open Line Friday.

CALLER: When you were on the Haney show one day they were talking about you hit your drive 300 yards, and everybody I play golf with I talk to, “Ah, I hit my drive 300 yards.” I’m just curious, what is the basic yardages on your club like your 8-iron, your 5-iron, your driver.

RUSH: I hit the 8-iron 155. I hit my 5-iron about 190. Wedge all the way up to 125 or 130.

CALLER: What’s your driver?

RUSH: Oh, 280. It depends. The longest drive I’ve ever hit un-wind aided was on the eighth hole of Bel-Air Country Club in Los Angeles, easily 340.


RUSH: There’s only one guy — and this is testimony from Al Michaels. I played with him that day. There’s only one guy he’s ever seen hit it farther on that hole in similar circumstances and that was Pete Sampras. Now, admittedly, I hit it over a hill and there was some downhill roll to it, but —

CALLER: Still.

RUSH: I still creamed that baby.

CALLER: Well, I was impressed with your improvement on that show. That was remarkable to watch.

RUSH: Thank you. My average drive is probably — average drive of 14 holes, I use a driver, 13 holes in a round, probably 275, 270, something like that.

CALLER: You’re longer than Jim Furyk.

RUSH: Yeah, but I’m not telling you where mine end up. (laughing)

CALLER: Back to that teacher. You know, I live in Jacksonville. We have one of the top prep schools in the nation here, Bolles, and you could actually, for what they’re paying to educate or not educate a kid in Wisconsin and most other districts around here, you could send a child to that prep school and when they come out they’re ready for college. I mean they’re not kids when they come out, they’re young adults, and this guy saying he’d take less to go into the private sector. The difference is there isn’t a private school around that pays a hundred thousand dollars a year to teachers. They can’t do it. In the private sector, you have to live within what your budget brings in.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: You can’t sell a product for more than it’s worth. And yet this guy in the public sector going, “Oh, I’d go in the private sector in a minute if I could get more money.” The thing is he knows he can’t get more money in the private sector. It’s just not gonna happen.

RUSH: Private sectors pay about half what public schools make.

CALLER: And yet they’re educating the kids. But the other thing is they have discipline in the schools. You know, they’re teaching kids to do chants up there and not to read. I mean I would think those teachers would be better served if they taught the kids how to —

RUSH: Let me tell you something. This notion that they’re doing all this for the kids, even the NEA outgoing general counsel said we don’t have power because we’re doing it for the kids. We have power because we have 3.2 million dues paying members to the Democrat Party. That’s what he was saying. We have power because the Democrat Party loves us because we have 3.2 million people that pay dues, which go right to the Democrat Party. His name is Bob Chanin. We’ve aired the audio once before. We’ll get it again. Now, one thing in this teacher’s defense when I was talking to him, I wasn’t totally convinced that he was talking specifically teachers’ jobs in the private sector, that he might go do anything else in the private sector, not just teach, if he wanted to. And I don’t think private schools pay benefits. If they do, it’s not nearly the benefits that these union guys are getting. Patrick, thanks for the call. Did you say you’re on your way to play or you just —

CALLER: No, I played this morning down at the beach.

RUSH: What course?

CALLER: Ponte Vedra.

RUSH: You played Ponte Vedra?

CALLER: Oh, it’s great course. They have actually two out there, the ocean and the lagoon.

RUSH: Did you play the TPC, you played the Players Championship course?

CALLER: No, we played Ponte Vedra Inn & Club. It’s a five star resort down here.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, yeah, I’ve never been but —

CALLER: Oh you need to come up and stay there. Two courses and it’s —

RUSH: I can’t tell you as a powerful, influential member of the media the number of invitations I’ve gotten. It’s just never worked out time-wise.

CALLER: Well, come up, the TPC, and go watch the tournament and go out and play some golf there.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thanks, Patrick.

CALLER: Enjoy your day.

RUSH: You have a good weekend.


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