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The Associated Press reports that the new DNC head, Florida liberal Debbie Wasserman Schultz, says most Americans understand that “shared sacrifice is going to be necessary” to bring down our national debt. Meaning, spending cuts and tax increases. Same day, AP ran the results of their latest poll, showing 54 percent of Americans think their taxes are fair; 46 percent say they’re unfair.

If 54 percent think their taxes are fair, that means the Bush tax cuts are popular with a majority of the public. More importantly, AP asked if taxes should be raised to get control of federal deficits. A whopping 62 percent said no. Instead, they favor cutbacks: they want to see government services cut back to control deficit spending. Only 29 percent think taxes should be raised. Those would be liberals like Ms. Wasserman Schultz.

The rich pay the majority of all taxes paid in this country – and their sacrifice is unappreciated. Since Ms. Shultz and her fellow Democrats claim we need “shared sacrifice” to make our economy whole again – what are liberals prepared to put on the table for sacrifice? Hmm? If anyone suggests reforming the big entitlement programs or even cutting a measly $352 million from the federal budget – they threaten a government shutdown.

So. Miss Wasserman Schultz. Show us yours … first. Wait. That’s a horrid thought – let me rephrase. Put your goodies on the table first – then preach to the rest of us about sacrifice, why don’tcha?

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