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Nobody’s defending those who perpetrate Medicare and Medicaid fraud. That said; the Obama Regime recently concocted an alarming new tactic to supposedly root out fraud in the health care industry.

Until now, if a company was caught committing fraud – the offenders were usually able to work out financial settlements for the fines. But critics complained that those costs unfairly trickled down to consumers. The Regime’s new tactic, reports AP, is for “federal enforcers” to target individual executives. Personally.

Lewis Morris, a lawyer for the Inspector General of the Health and Human Services Department, accuses “the men and women in the corporate suite” of not “getting it.” He says if “writing a check for $200 million isn’t enough to have a company change its ways, then maybe we have the individuals who are responsible” held accountable.

Fair enough. The problem is, the Obama Regime isn’t just targeting those responsible. Senior executives – even those who had nothing to do with the fraud – can now face criminal charges … if they could have stopped the fraud, if they knew about it.

This is stunning. Totally innocent executives can be dragged out of their hated corporate suites and tossed in jail, if Obama’s federal enforcers believe they might have stopped the fraud …that they knew nothing about!

They’re guilty even if they’re innocent, because their real crime – in Obama’s “transformed” America is having risen to the rank of corporate executive. The only surprise … is that they’re not sent to “re-education camps.” But, wait for that.

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