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I’ve got two examples – from one politician – illustrating how Democrats have earned their anti-business, anti-job reputation.

In his budget proposals, DC Mayor Vincent Gray included a 6 percent tax on live performances at Washington DC venues. The arts community – usually fans of liberal politicians – correctly argued that imposing taxes would harm business: audience numbers and revenue would drop. The city council apparently saw the light, and stripped the measure from consideration.

But another proposal by Mayor Gray could potentially be more harmful. Walmart – America’s No. 1 retailer and job creator – wants to build four stores in the Washington DC area. Which, obviously, would create more jobs and economic activity. But Vincent Gray is holding a sword over Walmart’s head. He threatened the company – warning them that if they don’t build an additional store in an aging shopping center, he will personally block them from building the other four outlets. Mayor Gray plans to back up his words by denying Walmart the needed building permits.

Call it what you want. Extortion. Coercion. Blackmail. Abuse of power. What’s clear is that Vincent Gray, Democrat, DC, is governing like a thug. Typical of Democrats, he doesn’t care that Walmart’s obligation is to produce profits from their stores. If Walmart decides to pull out of DC rather than give in to Mayor Gray’s gangster tactics, thousands of DC residents and the local economy will suffer. But liberals are liberals first, so none of that matters!

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