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RUSH: Sarah Palin announced her bus trip yesterday to take place over the Memorial Day weekend. Now, I want to spend some time trying to analyze something here. I don’t want people to be confused when I say that the Democrats will always tell us who they fear. That is true, and I believe — I firmly believe — that the efforts that have been made to take Sarah Palin out are rooted in fear. At the same time, there are Democrats who do think she is a blithering idiot, love to make fun of her, and honestly do believe that she would be a snap to beat. There are both kinds here. In other words, it’s not universal, that every Democrat and every Obamaite is scared of Sarah Palin.

There are some… Like, we make fun of Biden. Biden would not frighten us at all, right? Biden would not frighten us at all. Correct? We laugh at him, make jokes about him, but it’s not because we fear him. You can tell who we really fear by virtue of who we don’t laugh at. Now, while they laugh at Palin a lot, they also have undertaken serious efforts to destroy her. Now, people that amuse you — people who are there that you think you could just wipe the floor with — you’re really not gonna waste time, resources, trying to destroy. They’re there, they’re entertaining and so forth, so don’t…

It can be a little confusing but I still firmly believe because of the efforts they have made to destroy this woman’s life and the lives of her family… “They have done their best to totally destroy Sarah Palin’s ability to enjoy life,” is another way of putting it. Not just destroy her, but to make her life miserable and unhappy. They have done that. It is my contention that you don’t do that to people who amuse you. You don’t do that to people who you don’t take seriously. You might TP their house. You might do a couple things a couple times just to be bully, but you don’t devote as much time as they have to it. So let’s go to the audio sound bites.

First up, this morning on MSNBC’s Daily Rundown show, the cohostette, Savannah Guthrie, talking to The Atlantic magazine senior editor Josh Green about Sarah Palin, the bus trip, and what it must mean to Obama.

GUTHRIE: Do you think the White House is just, eh, rubbing its hands together hoping that Sarah Palin is the nominee?

GREEN: Absolutely. They can barely contain themselves to the point where they will say to reporters on background that they’re really hoping it will be Palin. I think it’s a little dangerous but clearly they figure that they would match up better against Sarah Palin than anybody else in the Republican field because she would provide such a sharp contrast in a way that they think will favor them.

RUSH: That’s exactly why I think they fear her — or any other conservative, by the way. I just ran through this list of items that we have 60% in the polls, issue after issue after issue where our side is in the majority by 60% or more. And, by the way, that 60, 65% majority we have, that’s not just expressed in the polls. That has also shown up in an election last November, 2010. That’s never mentioned by the Drive-Bys. We swept the House of Representatives with and because of issues where we have 60 to 65% majority support. A number of elections — not just House races but look at all of the local and state races where — Democrats got shellacked as well.

Now, Democrats win one little election that hardly anybody knew was happening in New York-26 and because of that the Republicans should change their whole value system; the Republicans should totally abandon their agenda. That’s what they want the Republicans to think — and don’t doubt me on this. One of the reasons for all of this attention by the media, by the Democrats on New York-26 is to create self-doubt, to create lack of confidence, to make Republicans think, “You know what? Maybe we better drop this Medicare business.” They want us to drop the Medicare business. It’s a loser for them!

They want us to drop budget reform, because if we don’t it’s a loser for them. That’s why they’re piling on Ryan. They’re piling on, I guarantee you, the people who threaten them. So Palin and her bus trip, “Oh, they’re rubbing their hands together in the White House, man!” I was on Greta Van Susteren last night as a phoner — and, by the way, the reason I do phoners with Greta, folks, it’s not very complicated. I just look too hot. If I go on TV, nobody’s gonna hear what I say because they’re gonna be too dazzled by my appearance. That’s always been the problem with television. I told you that: Nobody hears what you say on TV.

I’ve even asked ’em, you know, don’t even put any pictures of me up there, good or bad, all they are is just distracting. Just put my name up there. And I said that the White House would really prefer a moderate Republican. They would really prefer a McCain-type. That’s who they think they can beat. The White House can’t wait for a moderate RINO Republican to run. That’s who doesn’t scare them. It is people who can draw this striking contrast that worries them. But they know the polling results on these issues I went through. Sixty-five percent want a balanced budget.

Immigration reform, tax cuts, abortion, you name it they’re in the minority. Even Obama is in the minority in his approval numbers now. There’s nothing in this record that says, “Let’s have more of it. Reelect Obama.” They can’t. All they can do is try to frighten everybody else about the Republican nominee. I think their calculation is very simple, folks. I want you to listen to me very carefully on this. I think the Democrat Party and Obama, the White House, number one objective is going to be to depress the Republican base. I think you, we, are their targets. They are going to do everything they can to make us feel like we’re members of a very tiny minority.

They’re going to try to dispirit us so that we don’t even vote. That’s their objective, and they think they can do it by misrepresenting public sentiment issue after issue. They think they can do it by laughing at, impugning, making fun of the people we love, the people we adore. They think they can cause you to get depressed and disinterested, dispirited by making fun of Herman Cain or Rick Santorum or Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty, whoever it might be. They think they can finally just force you are to throw your hands up say, “The hell with it. You know what? I’m not even gonna vote anymore. I don’t care about Republicans.”

That’s what they want. They are not going to focus their reelection campaign on four more years of the Obama agenda, ’cause nobody wants to run on this. There isn’t anything Obama’s done that people are clamoring for more of. People want less Obamaism. People want less Obama. But the Obamaites wanna get reelected. They wanna win. They don’t care how. They just want four more years to continue this path and swath of “transformation,” i.e., destruction of America as constitutionally founded. So you’re the targets. We are all the targets.

So if they’re rubbing their hands together in the White House at Sarah Palin’s bus trip, it’s because they think they’ve got another opportunity to destroy your state of mind by attacking her. You and every other conservative voter are the primary targets of the regime and the Democrat Party. The more they can depress you, the more they can get you irritated at your party — the more they can get you swearing not to donate, not to participate; the more they can get you so angry, you say, “To hell with it, I’m not even gonna vote; I’m not even gonna pay attention anymore” — that’s how they win.” That’s what this is all about.


RUSH: On Morning Joe today, PMSNBC, the guest panelist, chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, was talking to White House advisorette, Valerie Jarrett, about Palin and her bus tour.

MITCHELL: I know you’ve been following the news about Sarah Palintaking this bus tour this weekend. Is this the best political news the Obama reelection campaign has ever had?

JARRETT: The best move for the president is for him to keep just doing his job and focusing on the American people. We’re not gonna worry a whole lot about what is going on in the Republican primary. He’s gonna focus on his job.

RUSH: That’s actually a sensible answer, given the way the question was asked. Ms. Jarrett knows that when she finishes, Andrea Mitchell and Savannah Guthrie will carry her water and they’ll follow through, they’ll make fun of Palin, they’ll laugh at Palin, they’ll try to get you all dispirited and all depressed, or maybe even better, they’ll get you to agree, Palin’s an idiot. I’m telling you and I want to reiterate this. I’ve done a lot of thinking about this, all of these offensive assaults, not just on Palin, but every other conservative, at election time particularly, is designed to get you depressed. It’s designed to get you to tune out. It’s designed to make you feel hopeless. We can’t win, no matter what we do, we got the greatest candidate, I’ve never felt so enthusiastic about somebody, but everybody is laughing at her. That’s what they want you thinking.

They want you asking yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” The answer is, nothing. You are in the majority, issue after issue after issue. National election after national election, you are in the majority. I appeared with Greta Van Susteren last night on her show On the Record, the Fox News Channel. She said, “Today in your third hour you talked about the news of Governor Palin starting a bus tour. Do you think this is the beginning of a campaign for the White House?”

RUSH ARCHIVE: It’s certainly designed to get people speculating that she’s in, and it’s clear, Greta, the thing about Sarah Palin to me is that she has now learned to relish and to profit from all of the attention, be it negative or positive, and she certainly knows negative attention. She has suffered slings and arrows, she’s got the media anal exam unlike any other Republican candidate. And I’ve never met her, it appears to me her skin is very thick, and I think that she now has come to grips with the fact that that’s part and parcel of the process, and I think that one of the things she enjoys is just rubbing it right back in their face. She knows that they are trying to intimidate her into silence, not running perhaps, being quiet or shutting up. Here comes the bus tour. I think she’s mastering the things that she’s going to have to master if she indeed decides at some point to run.

RUSH: Brian, I got a question, broadcast engineer. Whose fault was it that I can’t say my S’s in that sound bite? I didn’t watch the show last night, so this is the first I’ve heard it. Is it their phone quality up there or is it — (interruption) Oh, they were able to fix it halfway through the interview. Joe who? Oh, Oh. But Joe works for us, not Fox. All right, never mind, never mind, never mind. I’m the only one that can communicate here. I’m now more confused. All I know is I’m on Fox last night and I can’t say my S’s and nobody can tell me why. Anway, she then said, “Well, look, if you were President Obama, who would be the Republican you would not want to run against, and why?”

RUSH ARCHIVE: If I were Obama, I would not want to run against Palin. Contrary to what everybody says, I wouldn’t want to. You know, when they tell us that’s what they hope for, it’s just the opposite. I wouldn’t want to run against Chris Christie, if I were them. I wouldn’t want to run against Santorum. I wouldn’t want to run against Rick Perry. I think the truth of the matter is in the White House — the truth of the matter is — if you could get hold of their internal reelect polls, I will bet you that they are bad; and I think what they believe is that they have gotta do everything they can to make sure that whoever the Republican nominee is is not a conservative. They think they can beat a moderate Republican. They know they can beat a liberal Republican. They know they could beat a Republican who’s afraid to be Republican. But they are mostly afraid of a genuine, full-throated, passionate, articulate conservative.

RUSH: Don’t ever doubt me on that, and don’t forget that.


RUSH: You know what I hope. I actually hope that the Democrats run Obama for reelection. You know all this talk about who’s the Republican nominee gonna be? Sarah Palin has her bus tour starting, and the media’s rubbing their hands together with glee, “Oh, goody, oh, we at the White House, goody, gee.” They hope Sarah Palin’s the nominee, oh, it would be a slam dunk. Let me tell you something. I hope they run Obama, folks. I mean just wind him up and he says it’s my fault. Here we’ve got a sitting president who cannot run for reelection by saying, “You want more of what I’ve already done?” They can’t promise more of the same, because nobody wants more of the same. They can’t run on the record. They cannot. They’ve gotta turn this election about something other than Obama.

They’ve gotta turn it into something like, “Well, we didn’t know how bad it really was. It’s much worse than we even knew. Our policies are the right ones, but it’s gonna be a while before they fully kick in. We don’t want to change horses in the middle of the stream. We really don’t want to turn this country over to some lunatic like Sarah Palin.” Well, the truth of the matter is, if I’m running the Republican Party — I’m serious here, folks. This is why I’m telling you about attitude all day. No way do make yourself feel like you’re in the minority on anything. You’re not. You may be in the minority in terms of pop culture or on college campus, whatever, but in terms of the American people and issue by issue by issue, you and I are in the majority, and we’re proving it not just in polls, we’re proving it in elections.

We gotta stop being so defensive. We gotta stop accepting the premise that these guys put forth. I’m telling you, if I’m chairman of the Republican Party, I’m out there saying, “Gosh, I hope there’s no challenge to Obama. Gosh, I really hope they run President Obama for reelection.” Put them on defense. Make them so incredulous, make them start scratching their heads, “What are these guys doing? Asking for Obama?” ‘Cause they think Obama’s still The Messiah. The people in the White House actually still buy all of that “The One” stuff. I mean what a target, political target. There’s nobody that wants more unemployment. There’s nobody that wants higher taxes. There’s nobody that wants more of the same in the housing market, is there? There’s nobody that wants higher gasoline prices. There’s nobody wants what’s happening with food prices to continue. Well, let’s say not figuratively.

There’s nobody that wants more of what Obama has gotten. There’s nobody that wants more of what Obama’s policies have led to, is there? And yet they’re gonna throw this guy up, we can’t get by without four more years of Obama. What, we want four more years of slow economic growth? We want four more years of a lousy job market? We want to go even trillions more in debt? No. We don’t want any of this. Why, he couldn’t even come up with a budget that got one Senate vote, not even one vote from his party. Yeah, I hope they run him again. Darn right, folks, I kid you not. It’s another reason why the Drive-Bys so fear Sarah Palin. And it’s not just Palin, although Palin’s gotten the lion’s share of it, but they’re now starting to do opposition research on Chris Christie and Michelle Bachmann and so forth, but you know one of the other reasons why? They are scared to death. The ruling class is really scared to death of a middle class that is not obedient.

Now, the Democrat Party loves a middle class and a lower middle class that is totally obedient. And by obedient, I mean willing to accept what is, and willing to accept what they’re given, willing to accept their food stamp benefit and be grateful for it, willing to accept whatever assistance they get in health care and be grateful for it. That’s the kind of obedience in the middle class that the Democrat Party likes and wants, and ditto Obama. But Sarah Palin is middle, mainstream America who is not gonna take it anymore, not obedient, not subservient, not willing to live life as an indentured servant, and neither are you. And neither are all the rest of the middle class. The news media, the Democrats view Sarah Palin as the living, breathing embodiment of a middle class, flyover America that’s not gonna put up with it anymore. And they fear it because of the numbers.

There are far more people in the middle class than any elite group that you can name. There are far more, quote, unquote, average Americans than there are elite Americans. And that’s why the elites, the ruling class need a middle class that’s obedient, and Palin isn’t. Look at the extremes they have gone to destroy Sarah Palin. What other potential presidential candidate has been accused of being an accomplice to murder? Sarah Palin, accomplice to murder, Gabby Giffords. Me, accomplice to murder. What other talk show host has ever been accused of being an accomplice to murder? That is hate, and that is fear. They hate her that much and they fear her that much because she is not obedient. She is not a member of middle class that’s gonna say, “Yes, sir, yes, ma’am, thank you very much for my food stamps.”

Nobody hates or fears powerless people, ladies and gentlemen. Nobody hates Joe Biden. They laugh at him. Nobody fears Joe Biden. Hell, even Bin Laden didn’t fear Joe Biden. Bin Laden made it clear Biden wasn’t even worth spending any time on in terms of a mission. So unimportant. What would have happened to, say, Valerie Jarrett or any of Obama’s czars or cabinet people if they had gotten even 1% of the media scrutiny that Sarah Palin has gotten, or any other Republican has gotten or will get? The Democrats and their media minions spend most of their time trying to convince us, the majority, that we are the majority, that we are the lunatic fringe, the oddballs, something wrong with us, we’re the real screwy ones. When in reality it is they who are the fringe and in many cases lunatic.

Do you realize Palin almost beat Obama before? It was an election you might recall, 2008. Palin almost beat Obama last time. She almost managed to drag McCain across the finish line. Now, the Democrats must realize that election should have never been that close, and it wouldn’t have been that close were it not for Palin, and this they know. I got a slogan. I remember playing golf here at my club, member-guest tournament. One of the guests, good old guy, I really like the guy, he’s a full-fledged Democrat from North Carolina. And he wears, you know, the pink pants with the pink shoes and it’s really the Doug Sanders whole thing, nice guy. But he loves to jam me about politics. This time I’m talking about was 2007, 2008, the member-guest is always in March.

He’s a smart guy, he’s not your average mind-numbed robot, but he is a loyal Democrat. I remember talking to him, “What in the world, you’re a smart guy, this hatred you have for Bush is irrational. I can understand maybe you not liking Bush policy; what’s this hatred?” And he shouts, “It can’t get any worse, Rush, it can’t get any worse.” And I’m thinking, “God, it can.” And Lord, it has. But, folks, what more good can Obama do? We’ve got the perfect Republican campaign slogan if they run Obama: “We can’t do worse.” Sorry, we can’t do any worse than you guys. That’s our slogan is we can’t do worse than that. That’s our Republican slogan. Put it on T-shirts. Put it on mugs. They nominate Obama. We say, well, we can’t do any worse than that. I’m talking offense here, folks, total offense. What more good can Obama do? (laughing) Yeah, as far as Palin’s concerned, she’s really ticked ’em off now. Not only does she refuse to sit at the back of the bus, she now has her own damn bus.


RUSH: I got another slogan. I got another slogan for the Republicans to use in the upcoming campaign. “Bin Laden is dead and gone. What more can Obama do?”


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