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“We’ve heard what Obama is saying before. We’ve heard it from Che Guevara, Mao Tse-tung, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and every Soviet leader.”

“So Barack Obama says there’s nothing courageous about Paul Ryan’s budget? Well, we will be happy to go down the list and tally all the courageous things Barack Obama’s doing. I mean, how courageous is it to start spending the tax revenue of people who are not even born yet?”

“Remember when the left was going bananas over the thought that Bush and Cheney were listening in on their phone calls? I remember saying, ‘What makes you think you are a so important that Bush would care what you’re doing?'”

“All liberalism requires is a bunch of fake wording that adds up to how much you care about something, and that’s it. You don’t have to solve one problem. In fact, you can make problems worse as long as you talk about your good intentions.”

“So Obama basically said that you’d be better off renting, as opposed to buying. Translation: ‘Look, I’ve done so much damage to the housing market, I wouldn’t even mess with it if I were you.'”

“What kind of courage does it require to say, ‘You can keep your doctor and your health care plan if you want,’ when you know that that’s not the case? How much courage does it take to lie like that, President Obama?”

“So now we know, folks: Obama’s never had an entrepreneur in his family. He has never had a producer, he’s never had an individualist. Here he is using himself as an example. That’s all he knows. And he has a deep-seated resentment about it at the same time.”

“There’s virtue in taking, to Obama: ‘Why, my family wouldn’t be anywhere without it. I wouldn’t be anywhere without it.’ And rather than have some appreciation and gratitude for those who paid into the system and subsidized him and his family, he harbors this deep resentment.”

“Food stamps are now a badge of honor. We advertise their availability; it’s the essence of how we as a society show we care. And what are we doing? We’re destroying the whole concept of work — purposefully, I think.”

“‘Kloppenburg’… I’ve always thought that name sounds like something you would step in.”

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