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“In our crazed pop culture, the media will be totally invested on thoroughly rehabbing Weiner’s career. He’s too good a liberal. Take the medicine, quit, go to rehab, get fixed, and come back as a hero who overcame great obstacles. You can write the script now.”

“I think what finally brought Weiner down was that he told the truth. Now, that’s what’s uncommon for the Democrats. He has sent a chill up and down the spine of every Democrat.”

“There isn’t one policy where this regime enjoys a majority support, be it health care, the economy, Libya, foreign wars, or what have you. Obama is in the minority in every of these issues.”

“I could say we all want America to succeed, but do we all? Do we all want America to succeed? I think that’s the problem. There are some who don’t want it to succeed as it always has.”

“By the first two hours of yesterday we had orders for Two If By Tea in all 50 states. What do you think the state is with the largest number of orders that we’ve had? It’s in flux and it changes, but it’s California. Yep. California.”

“There are dead-end jobs and then there are dead-end lives — and depending on the government for your life will lead you to a dead-end life.”

“Weiner made the unpardonable sin of coming clean which any true Democrat would never do. And Weiner is now going to pay the price for it.”

“This might well be the first virtual-sex scandal that got a Democrat to resign. Normally they can get involved in real sex scandals and survive ’em.”

“Sexting? What is that? At least if you’re gonna do this, do phone sex with a live voice on the other end of the line. Hugh Hefner never sent you a picture. He’d have you over to the mansion and show you the real deal.”

“Weiner was too attractive? Come on, folks, Weiner looks like an old shoe with a pickle in it.”

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