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“Jon Huntsman will join the field on the Republican side. What passes for orgasms in the Republican intelligentsia are now taking place. I don’t know what an orgasm is to David Brooks, but whatever it is, he’s having one right now.”

“There is not one thing the regime has done that they can promise to do more of that anybody wants. It’s the exact opposite.”

“Obama’s constituents — the unions and environmentalists — are the people who stand in the way of jobs with permits and red tape to prevent any kind of project from moving forward.”

“A full-fledged rookie but one who loves, appreciates, understands the Constitution, the rule of law would be an improvement over the bunch that’s in charge of our country today. That’s how dire this is. That’s why I say I’d vote Elmer Fudd if he’s on the ballot.”

“Simple truths are the ones that have so much impact.”

“What exactly did George W. Bush do to get us into this recession? Fight two wars? Well, we’re still fighting two wars — and Obama gave us two more!”

“The debt ceiling doesn’t need to be raised. We need to seriously cut spending. There’s plenty of money coming in via tax revenue to service the debt without raising the debt ceiling.”

“If all of those subprime mortgages could have just been left alone to fail as they were destined to because they were given to people that could not ever pay ’em back, you would not have had a housing crisis.”

“Liberal Democrat social justice policies. That’s why you are losing your job or have lost it. That is why.”

“The President spoke at a fundraiser in Miami. I think they were selling tickets at 44 bucks or something, and yet the venue was only half filled. They couldn’t fill it in Miami, and you can’t say it was all because they were depressed over LeBron James and the Heat.”

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