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“How do you call yourself an independent and vote for the Democrat Party, which is all about total dependence? There’s nothing independent about the Democrat Party.”

“My instincts are to defend the people that the liberals are targeting because I know who the left is, I know what their objectives are, I know what their agenda is, and I know what their policies’ outcomes will be.”

“If you sit around and let the left start target everybody but you, eventually they’re going to get to you, and there won’t be anybody left to defend you.”

“It’s a dirty little secret about Haley Barbour, but one of the reasons he pulled out is because he doesn’t have the hair to compete in this Republican field. I mean, you have Michele Bachmann out there, Sarah Palin, Romney, and Trump… It’s tough hair competition.”

“If you’re an independent seeing what liberalism leads to, why would you ever vote for d Democrat again? But they will. Sure as we are all sitting here, some of these independents will end up voting for Obama again.”

“David Brooks in the New York Times recently had a piece saying that Obama is so brilliant and so hard to keep up with because there are so many wonderful aspects to him. Folks, I don’t have a word for how silly and stupid that is.”

“There’s something about wealth that connotes intelligence, but I’m asking you: Where is the brain in any hedge fund guy who supports Obama?”

“You asked me who doesn’t see that the country is on the brink of collapse. Well, a better question is, how many people are happy to realize that? And how do they vote? They vote Democrat.”

“How would you like to have that kind of press coverage of your life, the constant investigation, the lies, the reporters renting the house next door to where you live? As much as anything, this takedown of Sarah Palin is a warning to anybody else who’s even thinking about trying it.”

“I have never been afraid of success, but a lot of people are. You have no idea how much fear governs everybody’s life with everybody’s actions.”

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