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RUSH: Are you familiar with this Anthony Weiner business that’s out? I’ve had one e-mail on this today, and the e-mail said, “Go ahead! Go ahead and talk about it,” and I, frankly… (sigh) I had to look into this. I was not aware. I don’t tweet or twit, whatever, and I don’t read twitters, unless I can’t help it, unless somebody reports one in the context of something else that I’m reading. So I had to really dig deep to find out what this thing is all about, and the first thing I had to ask myself is… I guess they’re calling it Weinergate — “Is Weinergate really big enough to investigate?” The Weinergate story, to me, seems like it’s hard to swallow. There are just too many coincidences here. I guess what the guy did is he’s tweeting with some babe. Isthat right?

Or twitting with some babe? He’s twitting with some babe in Seattle, and he supposedly sends a picture of his bulging package in his underwear and he claims that he was hacked, that it actually isn’t him. So I don’t know if the picture in question of Congressman Weiner’s underwear is an example of stand-up comedy or not. I don’t know if it’s an attempt to distract people from what’s going on, but I guess if anything… (sigh) You can say this does put the twit in Twitter, ’cause it got everybody captivated. I looked at all these people analyzing this and they put it on a timeline and chronology, and it escapes me why this is such a big deal.

I saw the picture and it’s not that big a deal even if it’s not a hacker. Look, I know, “If it was a Republican doing it,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, but this guy’s already a weird little guy to me anyway; and he just married Hillary’s valet or valet, whatever, Huma, Huma Abedin. He married her not long ago. I don’t find her referenced in any of these stories. She could just tell us right now whether it’s him or not, not that she would. But somebody tell me why it’s a big deal? (interruption) Yeah? If it’s him it’s an ugly thing. Tweeting a picture of bulging package to some babe in Seattle not his wife, if it is indeed him — and, by the way, I guess it’s pretty difficult to believe it isn’t him because he’s claiming he was hacked and then not hacked immediately.

It happened while he was using Twitter, right? He was hacked while he was using it, apparently? Something like that? Isn’t that what he’s claiming to some extent? Anyway, I got some e-mails about it this this morning before the program started. I’ve received one e-mail since the show started urging me to talk about it. I looked into it and, I don’t know, I didn’t care. Then I started to look at the people who do, and I thought, “Who in the world has time writing about this?” I mean, I’m looking at 1,000-, 2,000-word posts on what this all means and the timeline, trying to determine whether or not Weiner is telling the truth about any of this. (interruption) What people are captivated by the whole Twitter thing? (interruption) Oh. Oh, is that what it is?

That’s what it is? Oh, the whole Beltway elite is captivated by Twitter, period? (interruption) Oh, okay. Well, then I’m at somewhatof adisadvantage because I don’t Twitter, or tweet. That’s the one where you get 140 characters max, right, per post or something like that? Well, what if the tweeted girl in question says that Weiner has a small problem? Would that be enough to convict? Was anybody even angling for a conviction here? If this does not go to the FBI — if the Weiner case, if you want to call it that, doesn’t go to the FBI — will he be giving his constituents and his opponents the shaft? In other words, are they gonna be playing favorites here simply ’cause it might be Weiner?

No matter how you slice this, I guess for people who are big into Twitter, this was a memorable weekend. But all I know is Larry Craig was drummed outta Congress for tapping his foot. This is kind of your point, Snerdley. Larry Craig was drummed out of Congress and all he did was tap his foot in the bedroom. Here you have a Democrat congressman who just married Hillary Clinton’s valet, Huma Abedin, who is now apparently sending pictures of himself all over the place in his underwear? Who else is doing this? Athletes are known for this. Brett Favre is accused of doing something like this, only he just used text. He didn’t mess with Twitter. He just used the straight text.

Here’s a long story on this from the New York Post: “Too Many Coincidences in Weiner’s Tale,” and it lists all of these potential coincidences. I guess the — the way for me to put this in perspective is we were talking on this program last week about that period of time where my use of the theme song, My City Was Gone by The Pretenders, was challenged because I wasn’t paying an appropriate license fee to EMI who — you know, Chrissie Hynde — owned the tune. During that whole controversy there’s a guy named David Corn who at the time was writing for The Nation, who must have written a 1,500- or 2,000-word piece on legal ramifications of my not paying a license fee and how I was purposely doing this to avoid paying.

It made me out to be the biggest cybercrook on the face of the earth. I’m saying, “How in the world do you get 2,000 words outta something as innocuous as me and my theme song? It must just be the daily ramblings of the pseudointellectual mind. How could you write so much about something like that?” My reaction to this Weiner and the twit thing, I know you’re right: The Beltway fascinated, totally captivated by anything below the belt. And maybe Huma doesn’t know. Sometimes the wife is the last to know. But the bottom line is here I had my hands full anyway with other stuff before we even got to the Weiner story.


RUSH: I know all about the story with Chris Lee, the married congressman who sends a picture of himself nude from the waist up. He sends a picture out on the Internet, to the woman that he’d met on the Internet, published online. He’s a Republican, and he had to resign; and Weiner has done this and he hasn’t had to resign. The thing is, Weiner’s face is not shown. Well, they say his face is not in this picture. They say that this is just a picture. Well, I saw the picture. He’s wearing briefs, bulging briefs. Only Huma would know, and maybe not even from this picture. So… (interruption) No, a lineup wouldn’t work here.

Folks, I don’t know. I heard about this today. I really was not aware of it over the weekend. I was off the grid, as they say. I was really off the grid this weekend. I first heard about this I guess last night when I started focusing on show prep today. I didn’t think the Chris Lee thing was any big deal and I don’t think this is. It does not warrant top-of-the-program interest in me. Yeah, hotel maid in New York, all this stuff. (sigh) When you have a mind-set like I do that they’re all depraved it’s not news here. Really. We know he’s a Democrat, we know that they’re gonna cover for him.

Those are the rules of the game. It’s how it is. I’m in the process of saving the country. I don’t have time to be distracted with stuff like this. Weiner, to me, is an irrelevancy. (interruption) Where’s my killer instinct? Have you ever known me to get focused on this kind of thing? I want to beat people on policy. I want to get rid of people on the illegitimacy of their ideas, Snerdley, and that’s why this stuff is not at all appealing. I am not a voyeur in any way, shape, manner, or form. This stuff… (interruption) Well, yeah, I like stirring excrement around, but in a figurative sense. I wouldn’t post a picture of it on Twitter and send it around.


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