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RUSH: You know, Reagan ran a great, great campaign in 1980 and made famous the slogan, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” The Republican nominee in 2012 needs to run around and say, “Are you better off than you were five minutes ago?” Because it’s getting worse by the minute! “Are you better off than you were five minutes ago? Are
you better off than you were ten minutes ago?” For most people the answer is, ‘No, I was better off ten minutes ago than I am now,” because until something changes, the path that we’re on is taking aim at everybody, not just the 1%. The top 1% are the named targets, but everybody — everybody — is being targeted here, if you will.


RUSH: Well, Obama’s speaking right now somewhere, and basically what he’s saying is that we need to fix our politics, which in his world means: “People just need to stop disagreeing with me. If people just stop disagreeing with me, then everything is gonna be fine.” That’s what’s wrong with our politics is he just doesn’t get to be dictator.

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