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RUSH: I’m getting a lot of e-mail that I made up the story about… In fact, you know, this is becoming a theme, and I’m actually wondering if maybe these e-mails are coming from actual supporters disguised as critics. Because my e-mail box just flooded every time I’m make an assertion. “You’re lying about it, just like you lie about everything! You’re just making it up.” The latest is the polar bear story, the story that the journalists, that the scientists being investigated for fraud.

“You’re making it up!” So I go out and I find the story. Here it is. This version is from Human Events — and, of course, this comes on the heels of Algore absolutely losing it at the Aspen Institute. “Polar bears drowning in an Alaskan sea because the ice packs are melting,” and they even have one of the phony pictures here. You know, I look at this and I’m stunned that people ever bought that the polar bear here is on a melting glacier. (chuckles) At any rate, these pictures of these polar bears on top of three feet of ice became “the iconic image of the global warming debate.

“But the validity of the science behind the image — presented as an ignoble testament to our environment in peril by Al Gore in his film An Inconvenient Truth — is now part of a
federal investigation that has the environmental community on edge.” By the way, this is a story in Human Events by Audrey Hudson. “Special agents from the Interior Department’s inspector general’s office are questioning the two government scientists about the paper they wrote on drowned polar bears, suggesting mistakes were made in the math and as to how the bears actually died, and the department is eyeing another study currently underway on bear populations.

“Biologist Charles Monnett, the lead scientist on the paper, was placed on administrative leave July 18. Fellow biologist Jeffrey Gleason, who also contributed to the [fraudulent] study, is being questioned, but has not been suspended. The disputed paper was published by the journal Polar Biology in 2006, and suggests that the ‘drowning-related deaths of polar bears may increase in the future if the observed trend of regression of pack ice and/or longer open-water periods continues,'” and, of course, “It galvanized the environmental movement that led to the bear’s controversial listing in 2008 as threatened, and it is now protected under the Endangered Species Act.”

Let me turn the Dittocam off just for a second so I can zoom in here on this so you people you know what I’m actually talking about. I’m sure you’ve seen this. All right, here we go. Now, that picture and many others like it, remember those pictures were thrown out there by all of these people to show that the glaciers — the glaciers! — were melting. That was what was left of a glacier. Now, of course, we know that this whole thing is fraudulent and it was from the get-go. Anybody with half a brain knew it was fraudulent from the get-go, if you understand the libs. That’s Audrey Hudson in Human Events.

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