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RUSH: I go back and forth on this, folks, whether to pay any attention to MSNBC and thereby drive audience to them and give ’em any publicity. Poor Cookie. She has a standing order. I’ve told her, “I don’t want any more Matthews bites!” I told her this about a month ago. I don’t want any more. I don’t care. It does nothing but legitimize them. They’ve got 800,000 viewers on a good night. Why should I help ’em out? They’re sitting there in a relative vacuum. But it’s become obvious, folks, the reason that MSNBC exists is to report what I say on the radio every day. Gosh, I wish my mom and dad were still alive. Their son… (laughing) Their son has a whole television network that exists to report what their son says on the radio every day. Well, as you know we yesterday played… Cookie, do you have that? We do. Hang on.

Grab it. Number 28. Do this first. This is what this whole thing is about, ’cause Al Sharpton responded. Al Sharpton responded to our compassionate review of what happened to him. I chalked it up to either sabotage or incompetence in the control room,. people putting things on the teleprompter that made no sense. I was giving Reverend Sharpton, even though he has shown me no respect whatsoever and has taken steps to literally harm me, the benefit of the doubt. I was trying to cover for the Reverend Sharpton in saying that maybe somebody is not happy with his appointment to the gig there, sabotaging and making him look incompetent by virtue of what they put on the prompter. We also realized that he sounded a little flat. So we wanted to add some dynamism ourselves to Reverend Sharpton’s sound bite that we were going to play. We don’t have the ability to do this for the whole program ’cause we’re not there but at least in the sound bites we play we could add some dynamism. So this is what the Reverend Sharpton said, and we added what he’s really known for, and that is speaking through a megaphone, a bullhorn or whatever on the protest march.

SHARPTON: (megaphone filtering) Tonight is the measure of whether the country begins, in the state of Wisconsin, a national drive to push back or whether we have more to go
to build a movement of resistance. But resist we much… We must and we will much… about … that … be committed.

RUSH: And we have adopted that as our new motto here at the EIB Network: “Resist We Much!” Well, despite our act of kindness and compassion, the Reverend Sharpton reported on the segment that we did here yesterday. This is how that sounds.

SHARPTON: Rush, there’s no racist teleprompter operator. There’s no black journalist trying to sabotage me. I messed up a line, just like anybody, including you, that has ever hosted or was a gues’host on a show. I messed up! It was me, Rush. I’m the culprit. But let me tell you something else, Rush, I did it again tonight, I gave you a gif’. There’s no Environmental “Projection” Agency. It’s a “Protection” Agency. So play that tomorrow, because I want all of your listeners to start watching me! I want you to keep bringing them over. I don’t want to preach to the choir. I want your choir, Rush!

RUSH: Everybody wants what I’ve got. Everybody wants to be me. (interruption) No, I’m not going to say that. I am not going to say that. You handle it on your own. I am not going to tell the Reverend Sharpton that he’s mispronouncing words. That’s not why we’re doing this. Now, after that he admits that we offer him an opportunity here, we offer him an opportunity to bring to his meager little network (that really exists to report what I say) to our audience. He craves my choir, but, folks, don’t worry. I know that it would take moments of utter insanity for you to spend any time over there on that network. So I’m not worried about you defecting. It still makes total sense that the Reverend Sharpton would want this audience. Everybody else does. Everybody wants to be me. So after our attempts to help, and add dynamics — and even our attempt to help explain why he blew the line — the Reverend Sharpton still couldn’t avoid being who he is.

He had to go get snarky.

SHARPTON: I look at a stab wound here on my chest where I’ve been stabbed and forgave the guy — who was white, by the way — that tried to kill me for leading a march in his neighborhood. I paid the dues to get my name recognition. I may not be as polished as some. Sometimes we may get the words garbled, but they’ll get the point be just like they did when I went after you, Rush, and the NFL — and, Rush, keep on talking about the show! Keep going to the bait, because the fish wouldn’t get caught if they kept their mouth shut, Rush. Keep talking about us! Keep talkin’ about this show.

RUSH: I don’t know how we can avoid it. The network does nothing but talk about ME. (interruption) Yes, he did. This is an example of the total lack of any class or dignity that is, I guess, required to get a gig over there on that network. So Chris Matthews distorting what I said, to the Reverend Sharpton, now claiming that all of this was nothing more than a setup so that we would end up talking about him. (interruption) I know. That’s all right. That’s fine. We just deal with it as it comes.


RUSH: You know, maybe I ought to start calling myself “Rush Limbar” as Sharpton does as a matter of respect. Not to embarrass him, it’s like I say Governor “Cooomo” because the Reverend Jackson pronounces it “Cooomo” sometimes. I don’t want to call attention to people’s problems, so I just do it the way they do it as a sign of respect.

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