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RUSH: J. Christian Adams has piece: “The Mob Tears at the Foundations of Civilization in London and America,” and normally what I do when I go through a piece, I’ll highlight it. I figure, “I’m not gonna read the whole thing.”

I mean, not everything is worth being read. So I went through this, every paragraph and said, “Yeah, gotta read that. Yeah, gotta read that. Yeah, gotta read that.” J. Christian Adams was in the civil rights division of Justice Department. He quit when Eric Holder and the DOJ decided not to prosecute the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia for voter intimidation. When the Justice Department under Obama and Holder said, “Ah, there is no such thing as black-on-white crime; we’re not gonna prosecute that,” he said, well, I’m outta here. “Watching London burn, one cannot help but sense something has gone awry in the west. London, the cradle of our law, spins toward lawlessness. The law, the steady framework of our civilization, seems incapable of response,” and, by the way, that is ever-so-true here as well.

“Americans don’t have the luxury anymore of watching the anarchy on television, assuming distance insulates us from the Mob-prowling neighborhoods like Camberwell and
Tottenham. The howling rage has even come to our own Midwest. Hopefully time and wisdom will reveal what has fractured, but for now, we are certain of some things. We know that the House of Reeves in Croydon, South London, is a pile of ash and rubble. This furniture business had been in the Reeves family for 141 years, surviving even Hitler’s blitz. But the Mob burned it down. ‘I’m the fifth generation to run this place,’ said owner Graham Reeves, ‘I have two daughters. They would have been the sixth.’

“It was a fixture in Croydon, which may have been its doom. The Mob loves to devour the fixtures of civilization. The Mob also delights in the destruction of a father’s dream for his daughter. We’ll return shortly to why this may be. We know that the Mob is forcing victims to undress, to turn over family heirlooms such as wedding rings. We know the weapon of choice for this British Mob is fire. We now sense that the British government is hopeless. A government that as recently as 1970 made ‘arson in a royal dockyard’ a hanging offense dithers over whether to employ water cannons against the Mob. Americans who, for generations endearingly considered England a model of civility and decorum, know something must have failed catastrophically, but what?

“We also now know the Mob has visited America in recent days and years. Consider the Wisconsin State Fair last week. The 911 tapes reveal a nightmare. ‘We’re outside the Wisconsin State Fair and there’s a white guy being beaten up by about 100 black people,’ the panicked caller cries. ‘They’re jumping on our cars. … My mom just got attacked by a black mob.’ Multiple eyewitnesses describe white fairgoers being pulled from cars and beaten by the Mob, all black. The evidence establishes a strong presumption that race was a motivating factor in the attacks. This is America? Like in England, the law is also failing the victims in Wisconsin.

“‘My wife comes home with a fricking black eye, and you guys ain’t doin’ (expletive) about it?’ another 911 caller complains. ‘You need to get the (expletive) riot squad over there and haul them off to jail.’ We know that something similar happened in the town of California, Pennsylvania this year. We know that Darnell Harding, a linebacker for the local college football team, and Toni Whiteleather, a defensive back, were charged with attacking Michael Chambers. Chambers was an innocent bystander who had the misfortune of running into the two athletes just before Harding, the linebacker, said he was going to ‘hit the first white person he saw.’

“As in London, the law has failed Chambers. Prosecutors dropped the state hate crimes charges in June after they failed to subpoena the victim to give evidence for a preliminary hearing. The Obama administration has also failed Chambers, as we shall see. The law has failed Marty Marshall and his Akron, Ohio, family. On the Fourth of July in 2009, he was watching fireworks in his front yard with his wife and children. A mob of 30 to 50 black teenagers went onto his property and beat up Marshall, his wife, his children and two adult male friends. ‘This is our world. This is a black world,’ they taunted the injured victims. Marshall spent five nights hospitalized in critical care.”

Law enforcement nowhere to be seen, nowhere to be found.

“Of course there are federal hate crimes laws designed for these violent racially motivated attacks, right? But a law is only as good as the people enforcing it. The Justice Department under Eric Holder has little interest in bringing hate crimes charges to protect white victims. The corrupt dismissal of the New Black Panther voter intimidation case, which I brought, made that plain. The criminal section of the civil rights division has the responsibility to prosecute racially motivated violence. But Mark Kappelhoff, the chief of the criminal section of the civil rights division, is unlikely to act if the victims are white. He was angry that the DOJ enforced the law on behalf of white victims in the voting rights case of United States v. Ike Brown.

“According to the sworn testimony of former voting section chief Christopher Coates, Kappelhoff complained equal enforcement of the law to protect whites was causing problems
with ‘its relations with civil rights groups.’ He placed greater importance on political relations with civil rights groups than ending discrimination against white voters. Through Kappelhoff’s attitude, we gain insight into a worldview that excuses wrongdoers because of whom they victimize. We glimpse the opening passages of a rotted storyline with tragic final chapters. The Mob thrives off such moral equivocation. The Mob is decisive when the law is not.

“To some, the Mob is a symptom of disenfranchisement, urban malaise or institutional hurt feelings. The Mob, after all, only awoke after a questionable police shooting in London. Excuses all, of course. Nothing justifies this behavior in nations built on the rule of law. Excuses are paralyzing those with the responsibility of enforcing the law, both in England and the United States. Let’s return to the question of why. Many have absolute confidence about what we are witnessing. They can surely imagine the whispers of Wormwood to a thousand Patients. Delighted that the Mob has bypassed the gradual path toward evil, they can imagine him basking in the heat of burning double deckers in Peckham.

“They know who delights in a father’s dream for his daughter destroyed. Others perhaps imagine Legion, who admits in the Gospel of Mark, ‘We are many,’ before being cast into the maniacal herd of pigs by Christ. No longer simply pigs, the maniacal herd for our times now roams London and stalks families in Milwaukee and Akron. Whatever has fractured, whatever has failed, we need to discover and right it. Law, informed by a reverence for human dignity, has lifted our nation, our civilization, out of the darkness of history. The mayhem and violence we are witnessing provides a glimpse of an uncivilized age beyond our memory, before law ruled. …

“Sir Winston Churchill understood this. ‘Civilization will not last,’ he said at the University of Bristol in 1938, ‘freedom will not survive, peace will not be kept, unless a very large majority of mankind unite together to defend them and show themselves possessed of a constabulary power before which barbaric and atavistic forces will stand in awe.'” Nobody fears law enforcement today. “That we have a President that contemptuously expelled this great man’s bust from the Oval Office only increases our task.” That’s J. Christian Adams. That’s his theory on what’s going on in London and here in the United States, that it’s essentially lawless it is not with law enforcement doing nothing about it. I think it’s far more, and a lot of people are just scared to death of getting anywhere near a political analysis of this, but of course we’re not. Not us.


RUSH: San Antonio, Texas. Hi, Keith. Thank you very much for waiting. I appreciate your patience.

CALLER: Great show today, Rush.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much.

CALLER: Thank you. Just real quick about violence in Britain and around the world, all these riots and demonstrations. You know, people are very fed up with debts and illegitimacies, but you have to go to peaceful demonstration. You have to spread information, use the Internet, talk to your friends but be peaceful, you know?

RUSH: You mean the way we do it here at the EIB Network?

CALLER: Yeah, exactly. Well, I mean, there’s great peaceful organizations. One I know of is “We Are Change.” You look up, “We Are Change” on Google there’s probably one in your city. Actually they’re around the world and they just bring up relevant topics, information out to people, and they do do some demonstrations but it’s all peaceful. When you let it get violent, that’s when you lose the message — and I’m pretty sure that a lot of these demonstrations there’s people in there provocateurs who are actually causing the actual violence when there’s —

RUSH: Let me tell something. I’m gonna get myself in trouble here but I’m just gonna report the news. Militant Islamists in the Middle East are sending e-mails to Muslims in London saying, “Hey, perfect opportunity! Get in there and join the action.” Once this kind of stuff starts, people that believe in this kind of stuff say, “Hey, we can get in on the action, too, and we can stay hidden because we’ll never be blamed for it ’cause it all started before we got involved.” So a lot of people do this stuff because it works. Let me tell you, you think it doesn’t work? Where is law enforcement? They won’t even bring out the water cannons.

There is a proscription even against rubber bullets against people who are destroying, burning private property. These people are being allowed essentially to do this — or they were, for three nights — all because of political correctness. And don’t doubt me on this. “We can’t afford to offend these minorities. We’ve gotta understand their rage. There’s been generations of this stuff building. There’s a socioeconomic justification for this kind of behavior.” Well, for crying out loud, folks, our own government — our own president — at one time tried to tell us that there was a justification for terrorism, poverty. And if maybe not justification, that we at least had to understand that there are reasons for it — and it was up to us to do something about it.

Then we were told, “Well, what do you expect them to do when our number-one ally in that region over there is Israel and they don’t like Jewish people! What do you expect them to do?” As though lawlessness, hooliganism, whatever you’re gonna call it, in a sense has a justification to prevail. It is justified in prevailing because somehow those people are owed that. I mean, this permissiveness and this unwillingness to enforce the law. I’ll never forget… I don’t have enough time to develop this here, but one of the many times that I spent some social time with Lady Thatcher, I remember two consecutive nights over — not two nights in a row, but two consecutive occasions — she was obsessed talking about the importance of the rule of law and how fundamental it was in the establishment of the United States of America.

She, of course, loved our Founding Fathers ’cause they were all Brits.


RUSH: Here’s a story from our buddies over at the Associated Press: “Militant online forums are abuzz with calls to Muslims in Britain to launch Internet campaigns in support of the British rioters and to urge them to topple the government. Dozens of contributors on Wednesday suggested Muslims in Britain should flood social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, with slogans and writings inciting the British youth to continue rioting. One contributor says the rioters should adopt slogans similar to those used by Arab protesters during the uprisings in the Middle East this year,’ the famed Arab Spring.

“‘The people want the killer of Mark Duggan punished’ is suggested — a reference to the British man whose death sparked the riots. Another contributor says an Internet media attack is very important and that ‘chaos is useful to militants in London.'” So militant Islamists throughout the Middle East are calling for more chaos. They say it’s “useful to militants,” which must be why we’re getting so much chaos from the regime

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