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RUSH: In the Washington Post today, it’s a poll in a piece by John Cohen: “Majority of Public Has Lost Faith in Government Ability to Fix the Economy.” Now, the Post writes this story as though it’s horrible. “Oh, no! How can this be?” The Post seems to see this as a disaster. We of course here, you and I, would see this as good news. More and more people are waking up to reality. Also note that it says here: “More than seven in ten Americans,” 70% for those of you in Rio Linda, “say the federal government is mostly focused on the wrong things.” Now, does that mean that most people don’t think keeping the Democrat Party in power by redistributing the country’s wealth should be the government’s top priority?

“The poll also claims the number of people who are, quote, ‘unhappy with the country’s political system’ is up significantly from two years ago.” How, ladies and gentlemen, is that possible? Obama’s been in the White House for two and a half years — and most of that time the Democrats held supermajorities in both houses of Congress. How can it possibly be that people are looking upon government in disfavor? How can it happen? The Post doesn’t understand it. It’s poll results of which provide great angst to them. Boy the respondents of this poll is the typical sample: They oversample Democrats, they undersample Republicans, and they still got results they didn’t like! Thirty-two percent of respondents in the poll were Democrats, 25% Republicans, and 37% independents.

You know what they were trying to do. I’m surprised they published this, because the results are so bad. They were trying, obviously, to get a poll which showed that the vast
majority of Americans were very happy with government and its ability to fix the economy, and that they have a lot of faith. But it just didn’t turn out. This means the Post oversampled the Democrats and they probably oversampled the independents. I mean, after all, who really believes there are more independents than there are adherents to either party? I mean, you got a poll here: 32% of the sample is Democrat, 25% Republican; a grand total there of 57%, and 37% independent? Where do you get that? That’s obviously an attempt…

A, it’s based on a prejudice and a bias on what independents think; and, B, an attempt to oversample ’em based on what you think they think so you get the result that you want — except they didn’t. This makes the numbers even all that much more encouraging. I mean, the Post, this John Cohen guy is obviously discouraged, you can read it. You can sense it as you read it. “Barely one in four Americans has confidence the federal government has the ability to fix economic problems, and most Americans share Standard & Poor’s indictment of the country’s policy making process, according to our poll.

“The spreading lack of confidence is matched by an upsurge in dissatisfaction with the country’s political system and a widespread sense that Standard & Poor’s characterization of US policy make as increasingly less stable, less effective, less predictable is a fair one. When it comes to economic issues, the erosion in public trust is deep. Just 26% now have even some faith the government can actually solve problems. Confidence is down 21 percentage points from October of 2010, less than half what it was in 2002.” It is plummeting. Consumer confidence, citizen confidence in government. I mean, if this is real and if it holds up — if this translates at the ballot box (and that’s what is always, of course, the real final analysis of whether or not this means anything is how it translates at the ballot box), these are encouraging numbers.

More and more people seem to be waking up to reality. “One big issue,” it says here, “public concern that the government’s failing to address major problems. More than 70% say the federal government is mostly focused on the wrong things, a sentiment that is also sharply higher than it was last fall — and 78% of those polled are unhappy with the country’s political system. That’s also up significantly from two years ago. Now, about half, 45%, are very dissatisfied with the country’s political system. Dissatisfaction crosses party lines, intense unhappiness peaking among independents, more than half of whom report being very, very dissatisfied.” That just cannot sit well with these people in the State-Controlled Media!

The independents, don’t forget now, they’re smarter than everybody else! They’re more open-minded. These are the people that were most easily manipulated, shaped, flaked, and formed into believing and buying into the whole messiah spin that the media cooked up in 2007, 2008.

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