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RUSH: Jonathan Alter has just tweeted. I think it’s a tweet. Yeah, it’s a tweet. “Sources say New Jersey Governor Christie is conducting focus groups for a possible run for president.” Anybody shocked by that?

I, ladies and gentlemen, am gonna tell you right now, am not surprised at anything that’s gonna happen on the Republican side in the presidential field. Now, I happen to know where the divisions in the Republican Party are. I know that the establishment GOP is not happy with any of them right now. My guess is the people at the Wall Street Journal are not happy with any (as a wild guess) of the Republican announced nominees. But my guess is the Wall Street Journal editorial, people would love Christie to get in. Northeastern, tough on the unions, fits the bill there.

So as I told you, I knew with Rick Perry getting in, it’d be like a miniature bomb being dropped in the middle of the campaign — and, of course, lurking out there is Sarah Palin. By
the way, we posted, or we soon will, on the website, RushLimbaugh.com, a graphic side by side: Sarah Palin’s bus that she used to visit historical sites this summer and Obama’s hearse bus.


RUSH: Rick Perry from the National Journal: “I do believe that the issue of global warming has been politicized. I think there are a substantial number of scientists who have manipulated data so that they will have dollars rolling into their projects. I think we’re seeing it almost weekly or even daily, scientists who are coming forward and questioning the original idea that man-made global warming is what is causing the climate to change. Yes, our climates change. They’ve been changing ever since the earth was formed.”

Now, this is a contrast with Romney. You might say, “Oh, good, okay, this is conservative.” Well, it’s almost stark in comparison with Romney. Romney, remember when I said he believes in manmade global warming? He thinks man has engaged in activity that has affected the climate. So Perry is staking out claims that differ tremendously from the front-runner in the Republican primaries.

Remember that poll that showed Barack Obama way, way down in New York? Well, that doesn’t mean anything. It’s a year and a half before the election, or 15 months, I mean it’s typical economic circumstance. Quinnipiac has found that Obama is losing big ground in New Jersey. President Obama headed in the wrong direction, New Jersey voters disapprove 52-44% of the job he’s doing. That’s down from a 50-46% positive result June 21st, and the president’s lowest score ever in New Jersey. The gender gap, New Jersey, is huge, men disapprove 60-37%, women approve Obama 51-44%. Turning thumbs down on Obama are Republicans 93-6. Independents in New Jersey disapprove Obama 57-39. Democrats approve in New Jersey, of course, 77-17. New Jersey voters say 49-45% that Obama does not deserve to be reelected. So 49% of New Jersey don’t reelect Obama. So that’s now New York and New Jersey, folks.

Now, I mention this because we got people on our side who think this guy is still invincible, and they think largely he’s invincible because he’s Obama, they’re still in awe of what Obama was, that imagery, but also the power of the presidency and this reported $1 billion that he’s going to have to wage his campaign. But it’s patently obvious to you and me, you get somebody with a proud and cheerful and confidently articulated conservative message and agenda, and this guy is landslidable. If the election were held today he’d lose in a landslide, and what’s gonna change? I know it’s politics, and things that no one can predict can happen in a long period of time.

Now, Rick Perry, do you realize, folks, I don’t think Chris Christie would ever say about global warming what Rick Perry said. And I think one of the reasons is geographic,
actually, Northeastern. There’s a political caste that exists for people of both parties in the northeast. But Perry’s out there saying that he has doubts about the concept of manmade global warming, and now he’s being attacked for it. On the other hand, Chris Christie, when he says whatever he says, he’s courageous, when he goes after the unions and so forth. So watching the media on this, they will always tell us, the Republican media is no different than the Democrat media, the Republican media will always tell us who they fear and they will always tell us who they want, about our side.

The liberal media will always tell us who of our people they fear and why. You know, I have speculated with great accuracy, I am confident, that they’re scared to death of Sarah Palin. They’re scared to death. I mean, all this time spent trying to destroy her. Common sense, folks, if she’s a dolt, if she’s an idiot, if she doesn’t have a prayer of being elected, as they say, why give her a thought? Why spend a second? Why one drop of ink? Why one megabyte of information? No, no, no, they’re very worried, and they’re worried for a number of reasons. And one of the reasons is they really fear she could win. And they know she means what she says. And they know that she’s got guts. And they know that she’s not afraid of ’em. They know that everything they’ve thrown at her has not sent her whimpering away, cowering in fear into the corners, begging to be left alone.

It is Sarah Palin who has turned the tables on them and makes them look like groupies, practically, chasing her down, following her everywhere, and then blaming her for potentially causing traffic accidents by not telling them in advance where she’s going. So they have to engage in high speed chases to catch up. And then she’s at the Iowa State Fair and Jake Tapper, ABC, walks up, wants to talk to her, she says, “Hang on, I gotta meet a heifer first.” Jake Tapper, “You gotta meet a heifer first?” “Yeah, I gotta talk to this cow.” Jake Tapper’s left wondering what politician tells me they’re gonna talk to a cow before they talk to me?

Can anybody tell me a single state where Obama’s actually gaining ground? California, maybe? Where’s Obama gaining ground? When you’re at 39%, where are you gaining ground? Just a question from my fertile, busy broadcast mind.

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