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RUSH: Princeton, Illinois. We go back to the phones: Open Line Friday on Thursday. This is Joe, thank you for waiting, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, it’s great to talk to you, Maha Rushie, and it’s really an honor.

RUSH: I appreciate that, sir. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Listen, I live in Princeton, Illinois, and we’re about 32 miles east of Atkinson, Illinois.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, the president drove there, very white community.

CALLER: I heard a couple of retired teacher women that had gone to see the president.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: And one of them actually got to talk to him. And these two ladies, they were like teenage girls, goo-goo gaga over what a great guy he was, how charming he was, how
much they thought that he was really just a good Midwesterner kind of guy, down to earth, really connected with the middle class, that he’s a middle class guy, and all the —

RUSH: See, it was the White Like Me Tour.

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah. It was so depressing to actually hear them talk that way.

RUSH: Well, it’s just two biddies. You said they’re retired?

CALLER: Yeah, yeah.

RUSH: Yeah. I wouldn’t worry about it. Look, that’s pure anecdotal and you can find, I guarantee you, worse than that on that tour.

CALLER: Yeah. Now, one of them actually said that she wishes that he’d be more like Reagan, and that, you know, like when he fired the air traffic controllers, you know, well, she wants him to be tough with people and say, “Either you do this or this is gonna happen.”

RUSH: Who does she want him to fire?

CALLER: Well, I don’t know, maybe some teachers were on strike, she’d want him to fire them.

RUSH: But these were retired teachers, did you say?

CALLER: Yeah, retired teachers.

RUSH: Come on, teachers, probably members teachers union —

CALLER: Right, right. It just blew my mind —

RUSH: Probably Democrats from the get-go, ever since they’ve been churning butter.

CALLER: Yeah. It just blew my mind how sucked in they were, you know —

RUSH: Well, look, I mean they still got 39% approval, you just happened to run into a couple in the 39% number.

CALLER: I guess so.

RUSH: Look, do you realize, Joe, everybody can’t be as smart as you? I would be insane if I had that as a demand. Everybody can’t see life the way you do.

CALLER: Yeah, right.

RUSH: It’s good that you run into that. It helps you keep things in perspective. It helps you understand what we’re up against. Those two ladies, I mean, look, he should be more like Reagan, they like him? That makes no sense. It’s impossible to make any sense of that all. But I’m glad you called, I’m glad you reported it.

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