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RUSH: Yesterday in Atkinson, Illinois, at a hybrid seed corn production facility, President Obama held a town hall meeting, and during his opening remarks, he thanked his hosts.

OBAMA: I want to thank, uh, the Waffles family for, uhhh…

AUDIENCE: Wyffels! Wyffels!

OBAMA: Wyffels, rather. Excuse me. I haven’t had lunch.

RUSH: So Obama picked a seed corn production facility ’cause they probably do things in a “green” way (I don’t know; I’m just guessing. Why else go there?) and mispronounced the name of the place, called ’em Waffles, and the employees with shouting, “No, no, no, Wyffels! Wyffels!” What this really means is this company’s gonna be out of business in six months. Whatever green outfit he has sent money to (except for GE) has failed. Whatever green outfit. Turbine companies, two or three of them just this week that have gone belly up. So you people at Wyffels hybrid seed corn, we’re pulling for you here, but you had the political version of Geraldo show up yesterday, and that does not portend good things.

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