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RUSH: So Obama goes to Martha’s Vineyard. Has he arrived in Martha’s Vineyard? Well, I’m confused. Drudge has a picture of him riding a bicycle, one of those stupid looking peanut helmets on, those bike helmets, he’s riding with his daughter. I don’t know if it’s a picture from last year or if he’s there already, but he gets there, the market down 419, call your broker. Utter chaos. Utter chaos. So he’s not there yet. He’s on the way.

What’s the economic news? Economic news today: “Consumer Prices Rise in July.” There’s an interesting piece from TIME Magazine. They don’t want him on Martha’s Vineyard, by
the way. Jobless claims, inflation rise more than expected. “More People Sought Unemployment Benefits.” The list goes on. From the Daily Mail UK: “One in Five American Children Now Living in Poverty.” Despite food stamps! “One in Five American Children Now Living in Poverty According to New Report,” UK Daily Mail.

Folks, greetings and welcome. Rush Limbaugh here and the EIB Network, Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Ideological Purity. Great to have you along. We’re going to do Open Line Friday on Thursday today because tomorrow begins the annual Hawaii golf trip that I take every year, leaving first thing in the morning and we’ll be back on Monday the 29th. You know, Snerdley came to me today said, “You know, you’re always getting gypped out of vacation time. You miss all these national holidays that everybody else focuses on, they sneak up on you, you always end up working national holidays because you don’t even think about holidays.” He’s right. I think about work, being here, and folks, the burdens of this office never vanish. I’m never really on vacation even on the golf course. I carry the burdens of this position with me. And so Snerdley said, “You know, the ratings in August, nobody pays attention to ’em, I don’t even know if they take ’em any more, Congress is out, Obama’s gonna be in Martha’s Vineyard ’til Labor Day, why don’t you just take the second week?” I said, “Because I didn’t even think of that.” I didn’t even think in those terms, vacation time. Snerdley said, “Nothings gonna be going on.”

Yeah, but it’s very rare, very rare, I mean you could probably count on one hand the number of times in 23 years that I have taken two weeks in a row. I just have never done it. All the while I’m thinking Snerdley is being benevolent. All the while I’m thinking Snerdley’s really looking out for me like my own personal Bill O’Reilly. And then I realized when I’m gone, so’s Snerdley. (interruption) Oh, not this time? Really? Then I take it back. I take it back. You’re going to New York right after the show today because you gotta do it tomorrow when I’m not here? Well, it’s about time. Okay. Dawn and Brian will be off, but you didn’t come and suggest to me that I take an additional week. Snerdley, again, as my own personal Bill O’Reilly looking out for me, walked in the door today, said, “Why don’t you just take it through Labor Day?” So I don’t know. I must tell you there’s a tinge of guilt that comes in if I do that. (interruption) See, that’s exactly my point, if I’m going to call in while on vacation, I’m not on vacation. That’s precisely what I mean about carrying the burdens of this program with me wherever — (interruption) what do you mean, if something big happens? It always does when I’m gone, something major is gonna happen. Something always, without fail is going to happen.

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