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RUSH: Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday. Remember, on this program, after we played a couple Maxine Waters sound bites, and finger to the pulse, ear to the ground, nose to the grindstone, getting the lay of the land, quite obvious that the civil rights leadership — that would be the Reverend Jackson — and associated reverends, and the Congressional Black Caucus not happy, not at all happy, not just with Obama, but with the circumstances in the country, black unemployment, the fact that Obama doesn’t seem to want to hang around with them, the fact that Obama doesn’t do anything for them. This was not the way they envisioned it and so forth.

So Maxine Waters, as you know, was in Detroit yesterday, and basically asking for permission from her constituents to unleash. And they said, you’re unleashed! So she has been unleashed, which prompted me — see, yesterday Drudge had a picture of Obama surrounded by white school kids. I forget what the headline was, but I think it was the Maxine quote. He’s not going to black neighborhoods or communities on the bus tour, the misery tour, Debt Man Driving Tour, whatever. It prompted me, ladies and gentlemen, to observe this.

RUSH ARCHIVE: You know what I think the dynamic going on with the bus tour here is? I think Maxine Waters knows it. See, one of the things that’s happening in the polling
data, I mean when you’re Barack Obama, you’re down at 39%, you’re losing support. I’ve looked at it as deeply as you can go in Gallup, as much as they publish. He’s really losing white voters that he had wrapped around his finger in 2008. That’s who is abandoning, and many of them are independents. So this bus tour is really an effort to win back the white voter tour, and the Congressional Black Caucus sees that. And they haven’t seen this kind of effort made for them. That’s the dynamic that’s happening here, the White Like Me Tour. I think that’s what we ought to call this. Drudge’s picture is — (laughing) I mean, folks, wait ’til Maxine Waters sees the Drudge Report.

RUSH: She saw it.

RUSH ARCHIVE: It’s great. (laughing)

RUSH: She saw it, and I nailed it. It’s all about Obama trying to shore up his position with white voters. When I called it the white tour — white voter tour, White Like Me Tour — I hit the nail on the head. This morning on MSNBC Morning Joe, Maxine Waters showed up, and the author Wes Moore was there. He said to her, “Look, he spent time in Minnesota; they have 6.7% unemployment. He went to Iowa; 6.7% unemployment. He went to Michigan; 10.9% unemployment. The rate in Detroit’s almost 50%, and he didn’t get to Michigan.”

WATERS: Of course that caught our attention. We have been in Cleveland. We were in Detroit, we are in Atlanta. We’re going to Miami, Los Angeles. The lines are long. Thousands of African-Americans in particular, and others, are coming out to try and get connected with a job. The tour that you’re talking about, take a look at this headline in the Wall Street Journal: “Obama Aims to Keep White Voters on Board.” Well, we want to be on board, too.

RUSH: Right on. See, folks, this little indication here. You can count on the fact that it is much, much worse in private than the ways she’s saying it. To acknowledge it this much publicly means behind closed doors they’re throwing shoes; they are shouting obscenities. They may be throwing darts at pictures of Obama’s face. Who knows what’s going on behind closed doors. They’re cursing up a storm, I guarantee you, if they’re willing to go this far in public. So she has acknowledged that the bus tour was the White Like Me Tour. So after she made that comment, guest panelist Andrea Mitchell said, “Do you think that the president’s taken the Black Caucus and the larger scale of black communities for granted in the fact that he’s not gone to inner city Detroit, to African-American or Hispanic communities, traveling through mostly white Midwestern America?”

WATERS: We have not been privy to which way the president is going and why he’s doing it, but it’s time for us to step up and note that our communities are not being dealt with
and to make sure that this administration understands that we cannot continue to go on this way; that while this devastating unemployment is in our communities, we cannot be quiet. We have decided that not only are we going to remind the administration about the devastation and the pain that we’re experiencing, but we want to be a part of helping to develop the solution. Whatever the plan is that’s going to be unveiled in September, we intend to be a part of that.

RUSH: Ha-ha, right. Now, that’s a threat, a little gauntlet being thrown down. You know, since Stimulus 1 worked so well, why didn’t he just double down and do it again? You know, I’ll bet you that that’s what the September plan is gonna be. Well, to this day Obama and regime members are running around talking about how great that worked, how many jobs were created and saved. “The only problem was it wasn’t big enough,” so why not come back and ask for $1.6 trillion in stimulus instead of $790 billion? (interruption) Hey, he said it. Snerdley, wait a minute. You’re looking at this in the wrong perspective.

You’re looking at Obama coming up with an idea that he knows the Republicans will pass. That’s not what this is about. He’s campaigning! He’s going to put forth something that’s designed to make it look like the Republicans are obstructing him so that he can say, “Gosh, if it weren’t for these guys my record woulda worked and we wouldn’t be in this mess!” So it would be totally predictable, natural, explainable, understandable, if he comes out and proposes a $1.6 or $1.7 trillion new stimulus package, since Porkulus 1 worked so well but was just too small.

And of course the Republicans won’t go for it, which is right up his alley. And then by asking for something that big and letting Maxine and her cohorts in on it, look at allllllll those goodies just beyond their grasp if not for the evil Republicans! See? See how it works? Maxine is setting up here to be part of this, but she wasn’t through. Still over on MSNBC, they had somebody else. They got more people hosting this show than I can count. Anchor Craig Melvin then said, “Well, you were fired up two days ago in Detroit. I would imagine the White House has seen that clip over and over and over. Have you heard from people in the White House yet?”

WATERS: No, I have not talked with anybody from the White House, but I’m MORE concerned about the people out here than I’m concerned about anybody else. These job fairs have asked the employers from all over the country who come to Washington and lobby us all the time for tax breaks and other kinds of things. We’ve got to say to them, “Bring the jobs to the people!”

MELVIN: Congresswoman…

WATERS: Many of them are hoarding cash, like the banks are hoarding cash. We want that money in our communities, in our country, stimulating the economy!

RUSH: “We want that money…”

“I am not a socialist.” “We want that money.”

Now, Obama knows he’s already got the black vote no matter what. Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free? This is what he knows. Maxine, listen to me. (Anybody who knows Maxine Waters, please pass this on to her, because I’m just trying to help.) He’s ignoring you because he knows he’s got you. He’s ignoring the black community because he knows he’s got their votes. Why spend any money or time with the cow when you already get the milk for free? Now, he doesn’t get their votes for free. That costs. But it doesn’t cost him, it costs us. He used taxpayer money, but it amounts to the same thing. Now, you remember we’ve talked in the past, ladies and gentlemen, about a website called Hillbuzz; and during the 2008 campaign and particularly during Operation Chaos, we quoted extensively from Hillbuzz, and at the time I didn’t know who it was. I knew it was in Chicago. I didn’t know if it was one person; I didn’t know if it was male or female. I couldn’t tell. It turns out it’s a guy by the name of Kevin DuJan, or “Dew-Jan,” I’m not sure how he pronounces his name. It’s D-u, capital J-a-n. He’s got a post here today: “What is the Difference Between Slaves…?” He’s a Democrat, pro-Hillary in 2008. “What is the Difference Between Slaves on Plantations and Blacks Who Blindly Vote for Democrats?” His answer is really not much at all.


RUSH: Kevin DuJan actually didn’t write it, he just posted it. It’s “from an email that’s been going around for some time, but never stops being thought-provoking. OR TRUE.” Just a Democrat, a gay male Democrat posted this on a pro-Hillary Clinton (or at least former pro-Hillary Clinton) website. I only bring this up cause of what Maxine Waters and the CBC say: They’re being ignored. They’re being a totally ignored, taken for granted. “‘What is the Difference Between Slaves on Plantations and Blacks Who Blindly Vote for Democrats? — What does a slave-owner have to provide, free, for his slaves? 1. Free Housing. 2. Free Food. 3. Free Healthcare 4. A menial education sufficient to the task he requires the slave to perform.

“‘What is the one thing a slave owner required of his slaves? 1. Unquestioning Loyalty. What do the democrats always promise to provide, free, to blacks? 1. Free Housing. 2. Free Food. 3. Free healthcare 4. A free menial education, sufficient to get them to the voting booth. What is the one thing Democrats require of their constituents? 1. Unquestioning Loyalty. The only question black democrats have to ask themselves is: Who’s your master now?’ The Democrat Party survives because it keeps blacks poor and dependent on Democrat hand-outs to survive. Democrats do something similar with gays,” says this guy, Kevin DuJan at his website Hillbuzz.com.


RUSH: Just a little more here from the Hillbuzz post. This Kevin guy who is Hillbuzz, after posting that frequently seen on the Internet comparison between blacks on the
plantation and blacks in the Democrat Party and how there’s no difference, then says, “Democrats do something similar with gays: they keep us in check by scaring gays into believing Republicans are evil and want to kill us, so the only protection we have is to vote Democrat, Democrat, Democrat. Democrats keep Hispanics under control by pushing Spanish as much as possible, so Hispanics never learn English and don’t progress as much in society.

“Women are kept in line by Democrats though cultural wedge issues like abortion, where, once again, people are convinced to vote against their own economic best interests because Democrats create boogeymen to scare them into believing conservatives are evil and want to harm them or take away their rights. If even one of the groups –” blacks, gays, Hispanics “– above could be reasoned with, and would actually see what the Democrat Party does to them, the fragile identity-bloc coalition that makes up the Democrat Paty would collapse on itself. If you blindly vote Democrat, year after year, without ever asking what you REALLY get out of it, you are either a slave or a damn fool.”

Now, I happen to agree with this. Well, I know I’ve said it over and over and over again, in different ways, but the point is that the Democrat Party dumbs people down, keeps them stupid, keeps them poor, keeps them dependent, all in the name of compassion. It’s one of the most amazing hoaxes and frauds that’s ever been achieved. And they’ve been getting away with it for 50 years. You know, on this program I’ve frequently asked black callers on the phone, Democrats, supporters of whoever, Clinton, Obama, I ask them, “Do you realize you’ve been complaining about the same things your whole life? You’ve been complaining about the same economic circumstances or the same bogeymen out there that are gonna get you. You keep voting for the guys that promise to fix it all, and they never do. All they do is keep warning you of all the bogeymen out there. But your plight, if you’re totally dependent on them, never changes. Why do you keep voting for them?”

And it is the fear. I think with liberal Jewish people, it’s much the same thing. They have been scared to death by Democrats over the years over what conservatives intend and what conservatives will do and who they are, this kind of thing. When in fact the reality is just the opposite, the real compassion to be found in this country is among conservatives. The group of people in this country who really want the best for everybody is conservatives. And why? Basically because we love people, we love this country. We understand what it takes to have a great country. Everybody’s all-in. Everybody’s pursuing their own dream, their own definition of excellence, using whatever ambition, desire, or lack of they have.

We don’t want to dumb anybody down. We don’t seek power over people. It’s the exact opposite, and yet the media, because they are Democrats themselves, liberals themselves, have succeeded in convincing all these groups that it is conservatives and Republicans who intend all this ill will and evil for them when in fact the people who have brought that on and made that part of these people’s lives is the Democrat Party. No question about it.

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