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RUSH: Rita in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s an honor and a privilege to speak with you. I have been a longtime listener, and I’m really disturbed by this whole administration. My question to you today is, referring back to the health care bill: On pages 58 and 59 of the health care bill it specifically states that the government will have access to our monies — and that includes, I do believe, our IRA accounts, our 401(k)s, our savings, our checkings. This is in the health care bill. Why is this not being addressed by anyone?

RUSH: It was prior to its being passed, but only in places like this show. I specifically remember reading excerpts, pages as we learned of them. You know there were over 2,000 pages in the health care bill.


RUSH: And I specifically remember talking about that.

CALLER: Okay. I must have missed that day. (giggles)

RUSH: Basically, I think what that section is, if it’s the one I recall: If you don’t pay, they’ve got the right to go get your money.

CALLER: So they’re not gonna go in and just take our money at their will like they did in the Ukraine and Russia and China?

RUSH: Yeah. I mean, that’s the provision they’ve allowed themselves.


RUSH: “As the Secretary shall determine…”

CALLER: Right. Oh, boy. And it also specifically states — this is Pelosi’s little thing — I think once you reach the age of 73, you are no longer a candidate for cancer treatment if you have cancer. So I mean this is — this is —

RUSH: Now — now, that’s —

CALLER: — (garbled) health care, I just can’t fathom —

RUSH: That’s —

CALLER: — not being able to go to physician I want to see and being denied care. The Republicans that are running, I don’t think anybody’s even addressing this health care bill.

RUSH: Rita? Rita? Rita, hang on.

CALLER: I know they brought the lawsuit, but —

RUSH: Hang on a second. It’s very tough. Folks, I must tell you again: We cannot have a conversation with anybody on a cell phone because they cannot hear me. It’s not that they are rude, but it is that I sound really ticked off trying to make the phone system work. Now, Rita, it sounds like you’re just learning this, and I share your frustration. The Tea Party people basically came into existence because of this. There were a number of people during the debate saying that the Democrats were trying to keep all of this hidden. This was when Pelosi was saying, “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” There were people who would read the bill. There were people who were reading it, reporting on it.

Your observation that people 73 years of age who have cancer will not be treated? Yeah, “Hello, death panels.” Sarah Palin warned about it, and they went, “No, no, there aren’t
any death panels in here.” This program trumpeted, as loudly as possible, that what they’re heading for is there’s going to be a day the Department of Health and Human Services sets up panels or committees and they are going to assess every case that comes before them, and they’re gonna decide whether to treat or not treat based on the value of the investment. So if you’re 73 and you show up with cancer, they’re going to say, “It’s not cost efficient to treat it. You’re not gonna live long. Actuarial tables say so. We’re gonna save the money and treat younger people. Sayonara! Take a pill.”

Obama even told a woman this on an ABC town hall from the White House. She wanted to know… I still can’t forget this. This was a televised town hall on ABC, and an American citizen showed up and actually asked the president of the United States if he would allow her 102-year-old mother to get a pacemaker. She wanted to know if the government would be taking into account a person’s spirit and will to live. And Obama said, no, we really can’t take things into account like spirit and will to live. At some point (I’m paraphrasing) we’re just gonna have to say, “Here, take a pill,” meaning a pain pill. Zone out and try to spend your remaining days in space.

I remember watching that show and I thought, “This is not the country I grew up in where a citizen asks the leader of the regime if her mother will get treated by a doctor,” and yet that woman knew what was in the health care bill. Rita, all kinds of people knew what was in this. My point is the Republicans couldn’t stop it. Elections have consequences. They didn’t have the votes to stop it. Now, when Scott Brown… A little history, remind people: When Scott Brown finally won the Senate seat in Massachusetts vacated by the death of Senator Kennedy, that took away the 60-seat supermajority that the Democrats had. That’s when they started talking passing it through budget reconciliation.

Remember, they did this over the Christmas holidays anyway. They were gonna get this passed. They were gonna “deem” it to be passed, if you recall, without even taking a vote on it. The Republicans didn’t have the votes to stop it. You’re asking me, “Didn’t anybody say anything?” All kinds of people were saying things. The only hope rested in convincing just two Democrats in the Senate to vote against it, but there was no way that was gonna happen. In the House, we had numbers that were equivalent to what we had in the seventies and eighties — 135, 150 — and we couldn’t stop anything if we were totally unified. I’m glad you called to provide an opportunity to revisit recent history. This is just a year ago, year and a half ago that all this happened. You’re just now finding what’s in it, and you’re wondering why nobody stopped it. Nobody could! Nobody could because a bunch of people made a stupid mistake and voted for an image in 2008 rather than knowing what they were doing.


RUSH: I went back here during the break. That call from Rita. She’s reading from page 58, 59 of the health care bill about the government’s access to our bank accounts, and she wanted to know why nobody’s talking about it — and I told her everybody did. May I quote from myself, August 4th of 2009? It’s just a little over two years ago. Quote: “The federal government will have direct, real-time access to all individual bank accounts for electronic funds transfer to pay. Yes, my friends, the federal government will have direct, real-time access to all individual bank accounts for electronic funds transfer, meaning from your account to them. They will be able to debit your account for health expenses. That’s on page 59, go get the bill. I’m summarizing here for you. “

This resulted, by the way, in the White House attacking Drudge for reporting certain aspects that were in the health care bill — and in the process, they call attention to what they didn’t want anybody to see. So, again, Rita, I’m really glad you called. It’s a golden opportunity to remind people — and, of course, the tune-in factor here is nuts. There are people listening now that weren’t there who are just probably learning this and hearing about it for the first time, because, since it did pass, there hasn’t been nearly as much focus on it, on those kind of details. The focus has been on all the “waivers.” What are we up to, over 2500 waivers the regime has granted now to various companies, large and small, who would be out of business if they had to play by Obamacare law right now?

Can’t have that before the election! If this thing isn’t repealed or if it isn’t defunded, after 2012, 2013, 2014, when it really starts to hit, people have no idea. What has happened to this country up to this point is nothing compared to what’s in store for us with just this one piece of legislation.

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